Bixby: Claims and Truths

There is always a part reserved for the plot twist of “update” but what gives hope is the current situation of ground on which your product is standing. After the launch of Bixby Voice feature in Samsung galaxy S8, the buzz of the tech town remains continuous and constant. Is it really a step ahead from Siri? However, for most

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The Much Hyped Fitness Bands and It’s Features

Calling out to all those gadget-addicts who are also fitness freaks! We expect you to be already aware of the much hyped Fitness Bands. Anyone who can afford this precious accessory loves them and basically can’t have their workout sessions without them. We have seen them everywhere. Let’s talk about actually getting some information about these over-hyped fitness gadget.  

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Smart phone is one of the necessities nowadays, which is developing at every coming hour. OnePlus mobiles are making new sensation in market as well as in online shopping in Pakistan. “OnePlus is a Shenzhen-based start-up and producer of smartphones founded in December, 2013. The company’s claim to fame is its bid to offer flagship-level specs in its smartphones, at

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Get Healthier Hair Today

Having healthy hair is something every girl wants more than anything else. It gets so hard, having to manage them every day. Nourishing them, taking better care of them, and oh styling them! We think it’s safe to say every girl spends most of the time doing their hair other than anything else. When it comes to hair, we all

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We all know how crazy we get when we see those zits/pimples/acne. Not only that but in summer we get zits on the body too but that’s normal because it’s all because of summer heat, hormonal changes or most people get it because of stress. This summer shine and beat the heat with clean shiny skin. Here is what you

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