Manicure and Pedicure Hacks

Outfit on point? Check. Flawless makeover? Check. Perfect hands and feet? Umm. . . Clean and beautiful hands and feet add an additional 10 points to your complete look. Since personal hygiene and care is very important, taking care of your feet and hands has gone time taking, difficult and expensive. In your tough schedules and busy routines, no matter

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Apple reloads the gun again!

iphone 8

The Apple never stops surprising us, it never fails to let its customers move an inch away from them so this time the company decided to come back with something much bigger, better, something much more effective and efficient. The company’s intellectual capital has always been extraordinary so this September mid it decided to utilize its skills to a whole

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Beast

samsung note 8

Samsung is back with a bang! This time around, it has come with an exceptionally addictive device which delivers all it promises. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has become the talk of the town because of its amazing new features and eminently attractive design. It’s a fantastic phone which brings more to the table than just a good screen

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Graphic Tablets: The future of Designing, Photo Editing and Illustration is here

Tablets (graphic)

  “Design is a journey of discovery”. From developing a concept to shaping it into real breathing image, designing is a complete journey. Designers unleash their ideas through brainstorming and spend hours to present a ‘wow’ piece of perfection to you. But have you ever wondered what it takes to create an outstanding digitally designed artwork? You probably have no

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13 Super Easy Makeup Hacks

    To get your lipstick stay longer, apply a coat of concealer before rocking a nice shade of lipstick. This makes the lips look fuller and smoother. Sick of that old worn out lash curler? Do not throw it. It can still work as great as a new curler with this simple technique. Heat it! Medium heat it with

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Bixby: The Future is Now

Samsung has owned the electronic devices history for the past several decades. From TVs and washing machines to refrigerators and mobile phones, their legacy of high quality and revolutionizing technology has impacted the world unlike any company ever has before. Samsung recently unveiled the Bixby, its virtual assistant, along with their premium smartphones, The Samsung Galaxy S8. Intended to challenge

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