Online Shopping – The Best way to Shop this Eid

Online Shopping in Pakistan

Kyun k ek ghanta kabhi nhi lage! Eid shopping is a yearly event many of us love, unless you’re a brother or husband who has been forcefully elected to be the driver and/or bag carrier (I know your pain guys). It’s an event full of joy and excitement, as well as unfortunate frustration, robberies, and rip offs. I know how

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Telemart Launches its GRAND EID SALE

Ramadan Deals in Pakistan

Eid ho to Aisi For Muslims, Ramadan is a time for to purify the soul and turn to God and ask for continued blessings and forgiveness. It’s also a time enjoy a host of different offers, discounts, and deals, all in preparation of the festive 3 days of EID! At Telemart, we want you to not only prepare for EID

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Mobile Fraud in Pakistan – How we Pakistanis are being Duped

Pakistan Mobile Fraud

Tera phone to fake hai, yaar Pakistan’s markets have a very negative image; that we sell fake/replica products as original/genuine products. The truth is, the image is essentially correct, especially when it comes to our local mobile market. Most phones sold in the local market are what we call “nakli.” The problem is most of us can’t tell the difference,

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MobileWeek – Why 7 Days aren’t enough for Pakistanis

Bas? Ek Hafte k Liye? As an avid online shopper, I’ve seen my fair share of online “deals” and “mobileweeks” – they’re not really new. You see plenty of prices slashed here and there, but you only have 7 days to grab a bargain. In all honesty, these online stores really don’t know us Pakistanis very well. You’ll see why

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Telemart Guides – How to Buy Perfumes Online

buy perfumes online

Buy Perfumes Online without Smelling them Let’s face it; when you want to purchase an array of perfumes, you need to sample them like your life depended on it. If you’re a Pakistani who loves online shopping, you know that you can’t sample them before you make a purchase. So, how does a person who isn’t a seasoned brand expert

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Smartwatches in Pakistan – The Essential Shashka

While ‘smartwatches’ have been around for quite some time now, we’ve only heard about them in Pakistan for the last few years. They’re these small digital watches that are probably a tad smaller than the pakore you eat at iftar. Yet, while they have become an essential extension of smartphones in Western society, Pakistani’s dodge them like Eid shopping with

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