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In stock, the leading platform for online shopping in Pakistan!

Telemart is an outstanding e-commerce venture, enabling the customers to experience the best of online shopping in Pakistan. With its extensive and exclusive range of products, along with its consumer-friendly purchase policy, Telemart showcases the excellence of 23 years of experience in the field. On this spectacular platform of cyber trade, you will find an endless collection of quality products in numerous categories such as electronics, IT and gadgets, fashion, kitchen and home appliances and many more. We offer not only the products on sale but also the most efficient service and prices which are unimaginably economic in order to keep customer's satisfaction the first priority.

Telemart undoubtedly is the ultimate trendsetter among all the online shopping sites in Pakistan. Telemart believes in not only offering the premium quality of every product but also completely redefining the pre and post sales perspective for the customers to enjoy safe and convenient shopping services.

Convenient Payment Methods

Here at Telemart, we understand that each individual has its own preferred method of payment which is convenient for them and that is why we have so many procedures from which you can pick your method of payment which you find suitable and reliable.

Extraordinary Discounts and Irresistible Sales

When it comes to shopping, what else can one want other than saving money without compromising over quality? This is what exactly Telemart does as we want our customers to find the best offers without any difficulty, right in front of them to choose their best pick. Here we offer amazing discounts on every product and put tremendous sales offer every now and then which is almost impossible to ignore as we value every penny that you decide to spend on buying our product.

Promissory Warranty

Telemart puts customer satisfaction ahead of every other thing and that is why we offer warranty on almost every product we sell. That is exactly why we encourage our customers to check their product and get satisfied with their purchase in order to ensure one hundred percent honesty and transparency.

Customer Support Service

Our goal has always been to help our customers save time and money. Telemart values the trust that our customers, associates, representatives and service providers place in us. This is why we've invested in creating an e-commerce platform that allows you to order your desired product and endeavour to manage personal information in accordance with our core value of respect for the individual. Customers can not only track their order, but also view previous orders, and keep a 'wish list' of products.

Remarkable Product Shipping Facilities

Telemart has an enormous network of professionals for providing efficient delivery services in every corner of Pakistan. No matter where you live or whatever the hurdles the path has, Telemart will always deliver your product under the promised date as we believe in fulfilling our commitment and ensuring punctuality. Therefore, you will always get your order with extreme care and safety on the given date.

Availability of the Latest & Upgraded Versions of Gadgets and Exclusive Fashion Stock

Technology and fashion keep updating with the pace of light and we never want our customer to feel disappointed when it comes to being exclusive. This is why Telemart not only leads the online mobile shopping activity in Pakistan but is also a trusted site for buying the latest electronic devices and coolest tech gadgets. Also, Telemart copes up well with the emerging fashion and market trends to provide unlimited choices and options for its customers according to the prevailing and ever-changing trends.

Wide Range of Products

In the world of trade and sales, e-commerce is a preferable option due to its convenience and benefit of providing a vast range of products in one go without any physical exertion to roam around the market seeking the desired quality and price. Telemart completely understands this inevitable phenomenon and hence has an online store with one of the largest hands-on collection of products under all the possible categories one can think of to evaluate the standard of online shopping.

Starting from an impressive range of smartphones and gadgets to the products an individual needs such as fashion couture and makeup products, Telemart stands for catering to every one of their loyal customers no matter what their background or interests are. That is why we make sure to have a diverse range of products that will be adored by anyone. There is something for everyone here at Telemart as we make sure to cover all the demographics to convey the perfect class of upscale purchase.


This is an era dominated by technology and smartphones make up for its greatest demand. Now, we see an upgraded version of a smartphone almost every day hence the scale of demands also increases as quickly as the modification occurs in the models. Telemart offers a wonderfully extensive range of smartphones from which you can choose yours and we guarantee that you will have the best experience of online mobile shopping in Pakistan. Providing exact authentic information about design, display and features, it enables customers to be aware of their choices and help them make a fine decision that proves to be right. Also, Telemart offers a wide range of smartphones according to the various financial ranges. This makes the customers happy as they find the best of the best in their own range. Telemart has smartphones from all the leading plus promisingly emerging smartphone companies in the world which includes Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Huawei, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Google and many more. The quality and authentication of the smartphone set is not something you can doubt as Telemart has an impressive record of IT and gadget business. Especially, smartphones are considered to be one of our biggest online outlets.

Moreover, Telemart is the first online store to introduce Samsung Galaxy S9 in Pakistan. Just log onto the website for the best Samsung galaxy s9 price in Pakistan.


Not only smartphones but tablets are also available from a wide range of brands which can be sorted out according to their features, size and prices. Tablets are considered to be a replacement for smartphones but are actually not. A tablet has its own importance to an individual that is why every tablet we put on sale is from the best brands such as Samsung and even Apple's mac book. Here you will find the lowest price tablet in Pakistan comparing to prices being offered all over Pakistan. So, get smart with this smart gadget and order one today to make your life easy and technology friendly! Get the best tablet price in Pakistan at Telemart and elevate your user experience while you save on some bills.

Smartphone Accessories

The smartphone is a need of every individual for sure. But, your smartphone is not what you only need to make the most of this amazing device. You need a bunch of smart accessories for your smartphone.

There can be multiple purposes for various accessories. You may need to protect your phone with some, others might make it easy to use while multi-tasking, some can give their features an extra edge and you can benefit with them some more or it just might only increase the beauty of your handset. But whatever the reason is, your phones are certainly incomplete with some smartphone accessories.

Telemart has an immense collection of various cool smartphone accessories which include chargers, power banks, headphones, data cables, USB drives, car mounts, protectors of every kind of material for all types of smartphones, bluetooth speakers, lenses for your mobile camera, VR gears and many more. This can be an absolute fairytale for customers as the range of mobile accessories in Pakistan can hardly be found satisfying in most of the online shopping sites while Telemart offers even more than you can think. As they say, you name it and we have and we have it!


Gone are the times when we were satisfied with our heavy outdated desktops which used to chain us from our uncomfortable seats for hours in order to study, play or work. This is the era of laptops and Telemart being the prime ambassador of technology and IT gadgets offers an immense and ultra-tech savvy collection of laptops. They are available in every size having various features and memory spaces. Like the smartphone market, Telemart covers all the top laptop brands such as Dell, HP, Apple, Rio and many others to provide our customers plenty of choices to choose from while they enjoy the best affordable laptop price in Pakistan. And that also with unbelievable offers of discount. You will find the most reasonable laptop prices in Pakistan on Telemart with an un-doubtable guarantee and premium quality.

IT Devices

The daunting tech culture doesn't end at the laptop. In fact, it just begins from there. Telemart along with amazing offers to buy laptops in Pakistan, also has an infinite supply of super cool tech gadgets and IT devices for you to experience the best of the technology. This does not only include gadgets of prime quality but also the rare hardware parts which are hard to find if you search for them in the market such as fibres, cables, connectors, ports, hard drives, processors, servers workstations, graphics cards, sound cards and many more. Another benefit you will have while buying these IT devices from Telemart is that you will have every single detail about the specific product and you can choose according to the mode of your device from which you have to connect or compliment it.

Another section of IT devices contains stuff which is much more fun and can be proved as a good source of entertainment like a gaming console, cinema projectors which you can connect from your phone or laptops. You can also find covers and carriers for these devices such as laptop sleeves and gadget bags to maintain the convenience or portability you will need to carry this gadget and devices along. Telemart is the best online electronics store in Pakistan where you can easily get the perfect hard drive price in Pakistan.


No medium dominates the virtual model of art as much as photography especially in today’s world, where everything is projected, demonstrated and publicized through impactful and eye-catching photographs. May it be on internet, television or even in the little print media. We see engaging and beautifully taken pictures all day long. Ever since photography has taken a major shift from analogue to digital and DSLRs have stepped into the professional industry, everything has been changed. Now there is an unlimited amount of camera having different specifications and features and Telemart displays all of them for you to choose the one you want. DSLR prices in Pakistan are quite high yet Telemart offers some amazing discount and amazingly reasonable prices on Digital Cameras, Camcorder Cameras, Action Cameras, Film making cameras and DSLR Lenses, without compromising over the quality and durability of the Camera with features such as optimum pixels, higher sensitivity and longer battery life.

But, Telemart is aware of the love of nostalgia and hence also has a pristine collection of digital ones along with DSLRs from reliable brands such as Canon, Nikon and others.

Lenses and Other Camera Accessories

There is a limit to the number of cameras you or anybody can buy. So, what photographers do is they buy an extended range of lenses instead to have the perfect click in multi types of photography. As photography has many sections such as food photography, fashion photography, portraits, street photography, low key photography, speed photography, wildlife photography and many more. So, how could one possibly take good photographs with only one camera or God forbid only one lens, in all or even two different fields? Here at Telemart, we offer a vast range of lenses of every range and brands in order to fulfil the specific requirement of costumers.

The veracity in the field eventually made the job for photographers both easy and difficult. On one side, every gadget, tool, device and software adds fineness and comfort in their tasks yet these add-ons also force them to make some very hard choices too. Just like the field itself, the variety of tools used for photography now are infinite. So, another thing that you need to remember is that there are not only camera and lenses you need when you have to work professionally. Leave the thousands of lenses, tripods, lights, flashes, camera bodies, covers and other equipment, there are hundreds of types and options for cameras alone on online shopping in Pakistan. By delivering proper guidance and information about the product we make it easy for our customers to take a wise decision. This proves that Telemart is your one-stop shop for online camera and accessories shopping in Pakistan.

Home Audio and Theatre

To give you a remarkable audio exposure for a wonderful digital entertainment journey, Telemart has bought an incredulous range of Audio devices. Telemart offers products not only for your individual need but for a gradual experience of excellent acoustic encounter, making your home an independent theatre itself. Home audio & theatre is everything ranging from in-wall speakers to large stereos, and we have them all. To give you an immersive listening and watching experience, Telemart has got all the products with advanced features from top brands. From big and small speakers to amplifiers and even headphones, we feature everything you need to turn your living place into a real theatre. When it comes to speakers, we have Central Channel speakers, Floor standing speakers, Speaker systems and subwoofers. Telemart offers the best home theatre price in Pakistan, making every cent of your payment worthy and justified in exchange for ultimate joy of bringing the excitement of theatre quality sound and visuals to your home.

24k Gold Plated Products

You can buy all the expensive and allegedly prestigious products of all time but you still won't be able to beat the ultimate class of gold plated products. Gold plated objects despite being beautiful and elegant are considered to be old-fashioned and outdated but Telemart has brought a unique fusion of modernism and antique along with the edgy tech touch. Telemart features gold plated iPhones and apple mac book, desktops and laptops and not only that, Telemart has an extensive and exclusive range of unusual gold accessories to sparkle the reflection of your gold soul! These gold plated accessories include cufflinks, watches and many more. A gold plated watch or accessory is not just a precious possession but it can be the most sincere gift for someone you love but buying a gold-plated object is something you just can’t rush into. One has to be very specific and sure about the market they are purchasing there gold plated object from in order to avoid any forgery. And this is where Telemart turns the table, giving their customers the surety of hundred percent authentic products.

We take immense pride in offering the best gold plated objects Pakistan. So what are you waiting for?

TV and Video

Bring LED, Smart and 3D TV home at best prices!

Virtual entertainment has now become the source of living as the standard of visual projection is upgrading with an exponential growth. Now, one does not watch television just for the sake of watching but the actual joy of extreme finesse in video graphic content, 4k resolution and other smart features are a must. Telemart being the ultimate hub of providing excludes tech devices, gadgets and electronic items, features the latest models of television and that too, at the best prices. But, this may be not enough! Now we rarely watch something on cable as every individual has their own choice of programs they want to watch. Therefore, smart televisions have taken place of our normal TV sets. Telemart always caters the customer demand in every aspect of e-commerce and hence also has an extended range of smart TVs and 3D television as well. One might think that this can be a luxury they cannot afford but this is nothing more than a myth! Here on Telemart, you will only find not much difference between the price of a smart or 3D television and a simple led TV price as Telemart has often had amazing discount offers and deals for their customers. Smart led tv price in Pakistan at Telemart is the most affordable among others.

Men’s Fashion

Fashion is an infinite whirlpool of clothing and accessories from which you choose your pick to reflect your own style statement. That is why Telemart believes that every customer has his own preferences, needs and wants and to fulfil them we feature a vast range of Men’s Fashion products which includes fragrances, accessories, and masculine beauty products.

Fashion for men has always been a typical struggle as the market usually disappoints to provide all the mainstream, exclusive brands in male fashion. But, Telemart provides an immense range of options in every fashion product a man could possibly need to highlight his personality and style.

Get the best fragrances for men, glasses frames for men, digital watches for men, hair products for men, cufflinks for men and much more.


Nothing is better than the captivating essence of a masculine fragrance and that is why every man is very specific about his perfume. Telemart showcases some very enticing and attractive range of best fragrances for men from all the top local and international brands.


Accessories enhance the outlook of a man like no other thing. That is why, Telemart offers an immense collection of watches for men in Pakistan. Here on Telemart, you will find every kind of watch you can ever imagine of from digital, smart to analog within all the multinational brands such as Al-Haramain, Apple, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Casio, Dunhill, Mont Blanc, Obaku, Paco Rabane, Ralph Lauren, Rasasi and many more in amazingly economic prices!

Home and Kitchen Appliances

Your home sweet home is incomplete without the efficient electronic home and kitchen appliances you need to make your life easy and your lifestyle luxurious. On Telemart, you will find every single electronic kitchen accessories in Pakistan that you can possibly think of for your kitchen and rest of the home. Of course, you are going to be worried about the prices as you want to save it more and more but we charge the most reasonable prices comparing from the overall market. The variety here is another edge that Telemart has compared to other e-commerce sites. The number of choices you will have here is unbeatable along with the guarantee of durability. The items of home appliances in Pakistan section includes Sandwich Maker, Deep Fryer Juicer, Blender & Chopper Electric Kettle Grinder Toaster, Food Processor Egg Machine Iron, Microwave, Refrigerator, Electric Grill, Induction Cooker, Ovens, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Insect Killer, Fan & Heater Coffee Maker, Rice Cooker, Food Steamer, Air Conditioners, Smart Lock, Water Dispenser, Mixer, Roti Maker, Kitchenware Geyser, Hand Tools & Repairs while the brands we have are AB Sons, Haier, Homage, Homeguard, Jackpot, Jamsons, Kemei, Kenwood, LG, Morphy Richards, Moulinex, Nova, Orient, Pacfic, Panasonic, PEL, Philips, Prestige, Remington, Rubbermaid, Russell, Samsung, Sencor, Sinbo, SOGO, Sonex, Stanley, TCL , Toptul, Toray, Veneto, Victoria, Victorinox, Waves, Westinghouse, Westpoint and Xiaomi.


No woman can deny her love for beauty and fashion in some way. May it be for clothes, accessories, perfumes, and makeup or skin products? That is why Telemart has introduced a completely separate section of ladies fashion and beauty care which is named “Ladymart”. Explore our ladymart section to and the luxuries of the fashion world you had only imagined until now! Ladymart has one of the largest and latest supplies of makeup products from the most wanted brands all over the world which include lipsticks, foundations, compacts, eye shadows, toners, highlighters, liner, mascara, eye makeup & face makeup products and skin care products such as facial cream. Not only these but high-class branded accessories are available in the most decent prices one can ever be offered for this delicate and exclusive eye wears, jewellery and makeup. Telemart’s Ladymart section is a complete package of style sensation and trendy, mainstream female fashion browsing.

Makeup Section

Every woman wishes to have the best of the makeup products from her desired brand and that’s what exactly Telemart does for them. In the ladymart section of Telemart, one can have the best experience of online makeup shopping in Pakistan. It does not matter whether you want to find the particular shade of a lipstick from a specific brand, or you maybe want to paint your nails with the trendy nail paint. Ladymart is the ultimate one-stop shop to acquire your dream make up possession at the most affordable prices that you simply can’t find anywhere in the market.

Accessories and Fragrances

The most significant part of a fashion statement is the accessories one chooses to wear. That is why women with an exquisite taste prefer to have the most stylish designs in accessories from the hottest brands in the fashion world. And who can forget to have the most delightful fragrances for her from all over the world? On Telemart, one can find every perfume that can be in demand from a lady who has the sense of feminine scent. Telemart ensures to showcase all the well-known brands for the customers some of which are Gucci, Prada, Versace, nastasia Beverly Hills,Becca, Benefit Cosmetics, Beurer, Bhcosmetics, Black Up, Bobbi Brown, Burberry Caudalie ,Christian Dior ,Christine, Clarins, Clinique, Color Institute, Diana of London, Dior ,DMGM, Essie, Estee Lauder, Giorgio, Armani, Givenchy, GLAMOROUS FACE, Guerlain, Huda Beauty, Jolen, Kat Von D, Kiesque, LA Girl, Lancome, Masarrat Misbah,MCC, Mua, MyGift , Nails Inc., Real Techniques, Revlon , Shiseido, Swiss Miss, Too Faced, UNE, Urban Decay.

Handbags and Beauty Appliances

Beauty for ladies demands endless supplies of fashionable couture, makeup, skin care products, bags and beauty appliances. In the sorted out section of Ladymart, there is a whole new other section of handbags and Beauty appliances in which you can have the best models of straighteners, hair dryers, curler, nail dryer and many more. In short, ladymart is the ideal shopping section for any beauty conscious woman!

Health and Care Section

Health is something you can consider as your actual wealth which is priceless and is worth every effort to keep if maintained. With the ever developing technology and extensive researches, medical and healthcare are phenomena which are now being taken most seriously. Every day we see a new device to provide comfort and convenience for the patients suffering from any kind of illness. It might be difficult in past for an individual to maintain a proper healthy life due to complicated treatments and lack of time but this is not the case anymore! Now we have ultra-advance gadgets which can help us medically to great lengths. Tools and devices like digital blood pressure checker, Thermo Hygrometer, and sugar level monitor have now turned the tables. With all of these helpful and digitally efficient devices, one doesn’t even have to go to a doctor or can keep a strict observation of their diets and biological body changes. That is why Telemart has launched a different section of healthcare in Pakistan where you can find all the health gadgets which can make your life easier and healthier. The categories in which we have medical equipments are flexible heating, Weight, Blood pressure, Nebulization, Body Temperature, Blood glucose, ECG, Massage, Sleep and Rest, Gentle Therapy. Get the best healthcare products from the biggest online store in Pakistan.

Baby Care

Along with a healthcare section, there is a special section for child care as well on Telemart. From where you can buy products for your baby. If you’re a mom or a mommy-to-be, make sure your baby gets the royal treatment with these new born baby accessories. Our range of baby care products will cater all your newborn’s needs. Making life easier for you and your little one, one step at a time! Let this motherhood be the best thing has ever happened to you. All the product including Baby Monitors, sterilizer, Breast Pumps, Baby Food Warmer are completely safe and are available at the most reasonable prices. Breast pump price is very low at Telemart for our customers.

Gaming Console and Accessories

Ever since graphical technology has started to evaluate, gaming is becoming a more wanted medium of entertainment. So much so, that it has reached the point of passion for many gamers. Telemart has the best collection of gaming consoles and exclusive games for all the gamers out there! From gaming Accessories, Games, Gaming Consoles, Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headphones, Gaming Keyboards, Gaming Motherboards, Gaming Mouse Pads from the most wanted brands such as Corsair, Dany, Gigabyte, LeapFrog, Logitech, Microsoft, Razer, Seagate, Sennheiser, Sony, Steelseries, Thermaltake, Xiaomi and many more; you name it and we have it! Moreover, Telemart is the on the online stores in Pakistan where latest gaming consoles like ps4 (Playstation 4 in Pakistan) Just log onto the website for the best user experience.

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