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  1. Apple
Laptop Display Size
  1. 17 inches & above
Processor type
  1. Intel Core i5
RAM Capacity
  1. 8 GB
  1. 1 TB
Graphics Processor
  1. Intel Integrated Graphics
Laptop Display
  1. LED
  • Rs. Rs.

Gold Plated iMac

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Gold Plated Computer

If you are one of those people who take their workspace seriously and want it to stand out amongst all those plain desks, then there’s nothing better than making your iMac the centre of attention! iMac desktops are one of the most amazing products you can ever own- and get ‘em gold-plated will take it to another level! Say goodbye to the totally uncool and basic systems- get a gold plated iMac and stand out! As beautiful as iMacs already are, the gold plated ones are something nothing can compete with. Get one right here!

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