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  1. Apple
Laptop Display Size
  1. 11.1 - 13.0
  2. 13.1 - 14.9
  3. 15.0 - 16.9
Ram Capacity
  1. 8 GB
Processor type
  1. Intel Core i7
  2. Intel Core i5
RAM Capacity
  1. 6 GB
  2. 8 GB
  3. 16 GB
Memory Type
  1. DDR3
  1. 250 GB & Under
  2. 250 GB - 320 GB
  3. 501 GB - 999 GB
  4. 1 TB
Graphics Processor
  1. AMD Radeon
  2. Intel Integrated Graphics
Laptop Display
  1. Backlit
  2. LED
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Gold Plated MacBook

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Grid List

Gold Plated Apple MacBook

Apple Macbook is one of those products all of those want to own- with It’s amazing features and beautiful design- it’s one of the most beautiful and amazing products there are. Nothing better than carrying your MacBook everywhere but what if told you there actually some something better, hmm? How about a gold plated MacBook instead of the ordinary one? It will not only make your MacBook look exquisite, it will also let people know you like to keep your things classy. If you’re going to keep a MacBook, you might as well spend a few extra $$$ and get your interesting vibes flowing the right way!

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