If we could bet millions on one thing, that would be the future of watch industry. A lot of things came from digital clocks at workplaces, shopping malls and restaurants to clocks in mobile phones, computers and tablets. People were predicting the collapse of the watch industry. Although it is true that few watch companies suffered in this scenario, however, as a matter of fact, many big names kept making good money out of it. To this date, fashion lovers crave for luxury and branded watches. Due to affordability, many people opt for cheap but quality watches. To sum up, traditional watches are still in fashion and will continue to, forever. Whether it is a formal event or a random hangout, wearing a wristwatch is a good addition to your apparel if you want to give a nice impression.


Now that we threw light on how watch industry is still in business and traditional mens watches are still in fashion, let’s talk about what kind of watches you must wear. In a time when there are thousands of watch brands having a huge range of products with a variety of designs and features, it is extremely tough for a man to choose the best watch that suits and brings charm to his personality. Here, our team has shortlisted five branded watches for men that you should purchase right away.

  • Tissot Bridgeport Men’s Watch

From all-time favourite brand named Tissot, this timepiece is what you need to elevate your class and elegance. The stylish leather strap and gold plated dial just look perfect on your wrist. Moreover, its quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass are what make this watch among the most popular ones. As far as quality is concerned, the watch comes with water resistance to 50 meters. In conclusion, this sophisticated timepiece is a manifestation of artistic craftsmanship.

  • Calvin Klein K2H27126 Masculine Mens Watch

Calvin Klein has always been among top-selling brands for its quality watches. This stainless steel silver watch by CK illustrates the amazing artistry and craftsmanship put by the brand into the making of its timepieces. It has all the advanced features you need. Read the specifications and we are sure you will love it.

  • Rado Centrix Chronograph Men’s Watch

Do you get a feeling when you look at someone and you realize instantly that you like them? Same goes with this watch, it is just too breathtaking to look at. Out of all the thousands of mens watches, it’s radiant style mesmerizes everyone easily. The gold plated chain and shiny black dial add the sophisticated yet glamorous look to this watch. Moreover, it shows you the calendar and date with modish needles. You can read further about this watch and even purchase it at the best rates from here.

  • Obaku V157GMVBMB Men Watch

While it is true that many people are unaware of Obaku brand, it is also worth mentioning that this company is among very few ones which deliver high-quality watches at the best affordable rates. Just look at this one, a piece of style and glamour. You can read all the specifications here, but let us tell you without any exaggeration that, this watch is one of the most durable watches you will ever find. Plus, it is not that expensive and falls under your budget easily.

Now that you have read this list, we recommend you to buy at least one watch from this list of online watches in Pakistan. All of these timepieces speak of sheer class, elegance and style you need to show everywhere. Moreover, smart watches for men are also a new trend. You might want to get one for yourself as their trend is in full swing. Happy watch loving!

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