5 Local Makeup Brands that are Winning the Game

Low price tagged brands are absolute gems and are totally winning the game.


“Eat-sleep-makeup-repeat” – the anthem of every makeup fanatic.

It may be difficult for people to make things up but when it comes to makeup you love to do so. Over the years makeup has evolved and it has become a passion now. Understanding the fact that how important it is for a women to look good we cannot deny the value of makeup.

Thus, the makeup industry is growing rapidly throughout the world. Multiple primer makeup brands have been launched, different products are being introduced with innovation. We all love these high-end international makeup brands but the thing is even the thought of buying them leave us broke.

To look like a stunner you merely don’t have to spend your money like water on makeup. There we have some absolutely glamorous local makeup brands that are giving you so much by taking so less. These somewhat low price tagged brands are absolute gems and are totally winning the game.

1. Swiss Missswiss miss

Who is not a fan of colorful vibrant nails and luscious lips? Swiss Miss hit the market with their classic range of lip colors and nail polishes. It is undoubtedly one of the best local Pakistani makeup brand. The brand is known for its give-less-take-more specialty. Swiss Miss lip-colors are available in more than 45 shades, from nudes and pinks to browns and reds. They offer a rainbow of colors when it comes to highlighters and eye shadows as well, making the range diverse for all skin tones.

2. MM (Massarat Misbah)masarrat misbah

We all know Massarat Misbah really well.The famous beautician launched her makeup brand with her own name. The brand is a well thought out project, focusing on the face makeup needs of Asian skin tones. MM is known for its quality and affordable price. Misbah’s line provides customers with everything they need to make up their make-up goals, from foundations to lip-colors to crushed highlighters, they have got quality with all.

3. Medoramedora

If you ever happen to talk about makeup with your Maa or your Grandmaa, they must have mentioned Medora as their favorite. Medora is arguably the most favorite and leading local makeup brand over many years. The brand is best known for providing quality products at reasonable prices. Their lipsticks are everyone’s cult best-love. The shades are super pigmented and super matte at the same time. You just can’t get over with Medora’s love ever.

4. Nabila




This brand entirely comprises of only one thing but that one thing is your complete makeup kit; Nabila’s No Makeup Palette, your ultimate makeup savior for the day. Its class is no less than a high-end international makeup brand. Five different shades alongside a concealer, lip stain and a blush – all in one compact. This palette is a blessing in the heat this country is graced with.

5. Sweet Touch


sweet touch


A vibrant burst of colors amongst all local brands, Sweet Touch is everyone’s personal favorite when it comes to nail polishes. The nail paints are quite popular for their affordable prices and vast vibrant and colorful range. It was introduced in 2001, since then it is known to be producing a variety of lip, nail and eye make over products. You can never resist their ‘touch’.


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