Armors for your Laptop


In this tech era, a computing machine is not just a computing machine but a savior. It’s more or less a right hand to you in everything that you have to do. Whether you are a student or a businessman your need for a laptop is no different than the need of an axe to a wood cutter.

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How to: ‘NO MAKEUP’ look

The ‘no makeup look’ has been trending recently all over our social media. This look basically promotes the idea of ‘less is more’ and makeup that is so blended and natural that nobody can tell first handedly if you’re really wearing makeup at all. Yet, it makes you look very fresh and awake without putting in too much effort. So

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Best Android Phones you should know about

We live in an era where everyone is all about upgrading their technology/gadgets game. While most people follow the cult of iPhones, there is quite a large ratio of world’s population that still loves the Android phones and is all about it even after the existence of much raved iPhones and the much hyped upcoming models. With some awesome new

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If we could bet millions on one thing, that would be the future of watch industry. A lot of things came from digital clocks at workplaces, shopping malls and restaurants to clocks in mobile phones, computers and tablets. People were predicting the collapse of watch industry. Although it is true that few watch companies suffered in this scenario, however, as

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Eid before Eid was getting too mainstream, so now we present to you ‘independence before independence’. has launched an exclusive independence sale to celebrate this year’s dual independence. Whether you’re a Pakistani from Panama or Karachi, or even if you aren’t shareef, no one is disqualified from this offer. If you’ve been fantasizing about owning everything, now is the

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