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Best branded watches that you can buy under Rs.5000

Shopping for a good branded watch that is not so expensive is a hustle these days. Visit online shopping sites in Pakistan.


A watch can tell a lot about a person. It makes up almost about 30% of one’s personality. Your choice, taste, personal style etc can be easily judged by looking at the timepiece wrapped around your wrist. It is one of the most prime items to complete your look and make you appear proper and principled. Shopping for a good branded watch that is not so expensive is a hustle these days. Most of the branded watches that you practically drool over are either too expensive or out of stock.

But not anymore! We have created for you, a list of five women’s and mens watches from top brands that you can easily shop under Rs.5000.

1. Casio LTP-V006G-9BUDF Watch


Casio LTP-V006G-9BUDF

This gold colored watch is a sight for sore eyes. The fine dial and its gold hands are extremely exquisite and feminine. This is an elegant and luxurious watch that has the ability to give you a royal feel. It is designed to perfection and the color adds to the subtlety. The best thing about this watch is that you can get this just in RS. 2669.

2. Casio LTP-1095Q-7A Women’s Watch


Casio LTP-1095Q-7A


This watch by Casio is simple yet stylish and striking. With a simple black leather strap and a nice clean dial, this ought to be in your watch collection for all your formal meet-ups. When you invest so much on a product, you would want it to stay long. Casio ensures 100% corrosion and stain free dials for their timeless watches.

3. Titan 1585NL02 Men Watch


Titan 1585NL02


This caramel colored leather strap watch by Titan is a masterpiece in its own. The color, the buckle, the automatic working, and the super cool dial are everything that can satisfy your want for a sporty yet sophisticated watch. What’s more interesting is that you have to pay only a few bucks to get this gem of a watch. This timepiece costs only Rs. 3999.

4. Titan 1636SL02 Men Watch


Titan 1636SL02


Get yourself this super sleek and smart-looking watch by Titan. The dial of this watch speaks for itself. It is glossy and we totally adore it. This watch is very classy and the color adds to it. This watch is an excellent choice if you intend to attend a formal gathering. Titan knows what it is doing and it surely amazes us with its super exclusive watches every time. This particular piece is one of their best which available only in Rs.4199.

5. Getit Fit Smart Band 


Getiit Fit Smart Band


What’s a watch collection with no smart watches? This timepiece is a must own due to its one-of-a-kind features and exclusively attractive appearance. It has an extraordinary OLED display and a smooth touch. The biggest hustle about smart watches is carrying a cable for charging it. But this super innovative gadget does not require any cables. You can directly plug it in. This has to be one of the best smart watches for men.

You don’t need any other reason to don a watch other than the fact that they are just pure love. All the watch lovers who have a little something in their hearts and minds about timepieces will totally understand what I am saying. To shop these amazingly affordable watches and many more visit online shopping sites in Pakistan.

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