Best Laptops for professionals


If you are a developer, a writer, boss and what not, it’s not a biggie anymore because here is your wishes just got true.  This is what every type of professional needs to put their hand on.

So the life of pro now got easier and better just by a touch of what Telemart has featured.

Telemart brings to you a huge list of laptops that is exactly what professionals need. Have a look at this list and know what you have been missing all your work life. If you like and want to have any of these, you can always buy laptop online to elevate your work experience.


Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga

Lenovo’s ThinkPad P40 Yoga is a multimedia station designed for the creative business users only. It is available almost everywhere plus it is a high-performance and versatile device — able to work in laptop, stand, tent and tablet modes. Not to forget, it is capable of running graphical and creative softwares requiring high amounts of memory and is a perfect gift for graphics and other designers.

Microsoft Surface Book

Being one of the best laptops in recent years, it has replaced almost all the tablets. The PC runs on the latest Windows OS, boasts top-of-the-line specs and includes a separable display for flexible and reliable business use. It is not only effective and but the best catch a businessman would ever want.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Corporate users who are satisfied with a Microsoft tablet wish to go for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 instead. While not such a spec-heavy model unless you pay for the high dollars for it hence the tablet range still remains a firm favorite in the enterprise. The Pro 4 is unbelievably light at only 786g and will likely suit business users on the road or anywhere around the world.

Asus G752VS

This laptop being from one of the biggest brands out there is a true example of modern craftsmanship based on using technology with an artistic approach. From maximum RAM and an optimum storage, this PC has got everything you need. It is must for you to go for if you want a laptop that has all the advanced features with upgraded capabilities.


It is an understood fact that no one other than a professional needs a good laptop that never ceases its performance. If you are a professional with an old-designed laptop, it is high time for you to upgrade your PC and go for any of the abovementioned laptops that suits your style and budget. You can get all good quality laptops from Telemart, the largest hub for Online shopping in Pakistan.

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