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Do you ever wonder how manipulative we are with our lives? It literally becomes the best from being extremely useless. Our life is basically made the way it is due to the choices we make. If we choose to be royal; life will be royal but if we choose to be unreasonably stupid, life will be stupid.

But there’s something addicting about choosing royalty, once you get a taste of it, it becomes extremely hard to leave its path. It certainly is a sad reality but it still kind of remains a constant.


gold plated


Besides every other luxury, gold is one that is easily molded in multiple ways. Maybe that’s one of the major reasons why gold is loved so prominently.

We’ve heard of gold plated toilets but there’s now an edible gold dessert as well. Seems like a rather strange comparison but at least it emphasizes the level people could reach for their love for gold. Even online shopping is now gradually becoming a lot about products that are gold-plated.

1. Gold-plated pen:


Gold-plated pen


A pen is already given such a high and mighty status and when you coat it with gold, it just simply reaches a whole new level of strange perfection.Writers would feel a bit more worthy while using a gold-plated which might turn their each writing piece into a masterpiece. It could even make you choose pens over keypads/keyboards.

2. Gold-plated cufflinks:


Gold-plated cufflinks


Cufflinks would somewhat be a precise gesture to show your love for gold but it is only the small things that make up greater things together.People somehow feel extra fancy with gold-plated cufflinks on their sleeves. They’ll try to use their hand gestures more often than usual.

3. Gold-Plated iPhones:


Gold-Plated iPhones


IPhones and their casing being gold-plated is really becoming a classic thing among all the online shopping sites in Pakistan. An obsession about gold is not something with which you get satisfied that easily.Now people are even getting their phones coated with actual 24kt gold!

4. Gold flower:


Gold flower


When everything is getting gold-plated then even the little gifts we exchange deserve to have an extra heavy gesture along with them.A normal rose isn’t going to last for long but a gold rose would turn out to last for a very long time, keeping the feelings safe for longer.

5. Gold-plated iMac:


Gold-plated iMac


A PC somehow never loses its significance and class. No matter how many substitutes it gets, an iMac in your room will definitely be defining itself.So, some gold addicts have even succeeded in turning their PC into a gold-plated legend which is now slowly becoming a fashionable thing. All in one pc Pakistan is selling are now getting gold-plated in a reasonably big amount.

6. Gold watches:


Gold watches


Gold watches don’t come as that big of a surprise because watches are already a part of jewelry and gold began its obsession initially through its jewelry.A gold watch would only end up making you extra punctual because you’d want to have a look at it every next minute.There actually are multiple people who get inspired by anything that is in gold because for them, a thing of gold is a joy forever.Everything mentioned here is available at Telemart in great quality along with different other gold-plated masterpieces.

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