Guide to your happy clean & healthy makeup brushes


Being a makeup lover is never easy you have to have so much to take care of. You need be organized, need to carry those makeup removing wipes, need to save money for the latest edition, not to forget have to take care of your skin and of course, keep the makeup brushes clean. Yes, girls believe us or not clean makeup essentials do really affect your skin! If you never got to face acne issue because you are blessed with great skin STILL don’t take a single chance. Never trust the brushes. EVER.

We know it’s very hectic to clean them and then dry them out, everything believes us it’s worth it. Here is everything you need to know, How to keep your little babies healthy and clean!


PRO TIP 1: Set aside the brushes that come with your daily routine. So that you know which ones are most important and which ones can be cleaned later when you get free time or decide not to be lazy. You might also want some crazy face makeup which is now available at discounted rates.


PRO TIP 2: Buy some small towels separately for them so it’s easy and you stick with them instead of finding an old or rough piece of cloths.


PRO TIP 3: Don’t worry about purchasing much supply all you need is a good face wash that takes off your makeup or makeup removing the cleansing cream. Above that a small bucket/bowl that can carry the good volume of water, and anything with a hard surface that can help in rubbing off dirt and makeup.

BONUS: A plain board would be good!

Fill the bowl/ bucket with hot water, first take your brushes and put them under the tap with your own hands gently put face wash or cream to cleanse it. Once you think it’s good now take the face wash or cream again spread it out on the board and gently rub the brushes against it in different positions, especially clockwise and anti-clockwise. WHY? Because that way leftover makeup would come out the one which is old sticky and annoying.


After you are done take clean hot water again put few drops of antibacterial hand wash or soap and let the brushes stay in for 5-10 minutes. Wallah clean, fresh and new again!

PRO TIP 4: Put a reminder, within 2 weeks you need to clean them so your skin doesn’t break out and they stay productive while you make that contour

PRO TIP 5: Also girls don’t forget to make sure the storage box or bag you use for putting those brushes MUST be clean as well or all your hard work will go in vain.

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