Armors for your Laptop


In this tech era, a computing machine is not just a computing machine but a savior. It’s more or less a right hand to you in everything that you have to do. Whether you are a student or a businessman your need for a laptop is no different than the need of an axe to a wood cutter. I swear! From doing your school assignments to managing your business as a tycoon, your laptop does so much for you.

Your laptop is merely your most needed asset these days that helps you with your everyday work and study related purposes and takes care of your task. They accompany you in solving different problems and sort things out for you. Just as it takes care of your work, it is obliged upon you to take care of your magic machine as well. It needs to be handled with supervision, inspection and elevation.

Safely using your laptop will help you ensure that it works properly and you don’t get hurt. Thinking of the perfection that you want from your machine, you need to keep an eye on its performance and condition. Improper use or not being aware of safety issues can lead to irreparable damage to your laptop. Thus, to increase the life span of your laptop it’s very essential to take care of a few things that will keep your laptop safe and productive no matter where you’re working.

Here are few safety tips that you need to add to your daily and weekly laptop maintenance routine now.


Turn it off

Laptops are different from desktop computers they cannot stay up long for they get over heated. So your laptop needs to be shut down when not in use unless it will get overheated and create multiple dump files that might corrupt your software.

Pack it up

Your laptop is your asset, protect it before it get hurt and affect your productivity. Pack up your machine in a safe carrying bag in order to guard it from dust. Carrying bags provide durability to your laptop and make them easy to carry at outdoors. You can get yourself one or gift it to someone who you think need them the most as a unique gift.

Check Fan

Your laptop fan can stop working due to overheating problems. Keep a check on your laptop’s fan time to time – there might be some software available to test your laptop fan. In any other case visit your manufacturer’s online support for assistance.

Clean Air Vents

Never forget to inspect your laptop’s air vents. They are one of the most delicate part of your laptop. You can use forced air dusters to keep these air vents clean. Make sure to never push anything in the vents. Slightest of carelessness may cause you some serious trouble.

Choose a hard surface

Always use a hard surface to place your laptop. Apple laptop online are specifically very delicate in this regard. Surface of soft materials can block the air flow vents and cause your laptop overheat. Using a hard surface allows ventilation. In severe cases you can use an optional heat sink base to prevent your laptop from overheating upon lying of soft materials. A wide range of credible heat sinks for your laptop are available at telemart.

Unplug Accessories

Whenever you connect any peripheral to your laptop, don’t forget to remove them when not in use. Even a small pair of sound speakers can cause enough trouble to your laptop if you leave them connected for long while you are not using your laptop. They not only eat the battery but cause your laptop to overheat. Keeping them connected might result in damaging your laptop or your devices.

Upgrade Antivirus Software


Keep updating your software time to time to avoid viruses and bugs. There exist some menacing that enter your machine through devices that you connect to your laptop and more often through files downloaded from internet. In order to protect your laptop from viruses you need to install antivirus software, all of them are easily available online.



Your laptop is the most critical component of your academic and work experience. You obviously don’t want to end up with a machine that has lost its magic and you won’t to find yourself blaming on the machine because you neglected its basic necessities while it kept giving you its all. Follow up these elementary steps to guard your magic machine now and have the best of its performance.

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