Makeup bag buddies for life

We have rounded up a list of 5 makeup essentials that every woman must have in her bag and carry everywhere to ensure a quick effortless chic look.


A woman’s most important accessory is her cosmetic bag. This little bag of happiness is totally something to spend all your money on. From primer to eyeliner, there are so many drool worthy make up products which are so amazing that a makeup lover could totally take a whole day counting all the items there are.

We have rounded up a list of 5 makeup essentials that every woman must have in her bag and carry everywhere to ensure a quick effortless chic look.


A Concealer that actually works:


The first step to any makeup look is a concealer. You start with giving your skin a spotless and clean look by dabbing a substantial amount of concealer which is a pea-size drop all over the face and smudge it evenly. Many big names famous for their makeup products sometimes fail to give their concealer the correct ingredients which ultimately make their products not much work-able. Go for the one which does not make you look cakey but beautiful.


A Mascara… Your lashes are not to be left behind:


Have a party to attend but got no time to do proper eye-makeup? Just mascara it. Tired of puffy eyes? Just mascara it. Your mascara is the answer to all your eye makeup problems. It is amazing how just a single brush can make you look so different and good. The magic wand AKA the mascara wand will do multi functions for you. You could use it as a ‘spoolie’ for your eyebrows too.


A Blush… And glow like the sun:

Applying blush is one of the core steps of makeup routine. We totally dig the idea of flushed cheeks. But one must keep in mind the proper way of putting it because it can make you look either sexy or trashy. Caking should be totally avoided. Just a little dab on the apple of your cheeks should be enough to make you look polished and effortlessly groomed. Toss a good blush like Apricot Mist by Diana of London in your bag right now.


A Lipstick… Because your lips need a color:


A lipstick or a lip balm, whichever works for you. Lipsticks complete the look and make you look presentable and pretty. A good lipstick is the king of your makeup bag, unavoidable and a total must-have. Get a shade that you can pull off anywhere. The best thing about lipsticks is that they are multi-purpose. You can use as your eye-shade, on the cheeks or on the tip of your nose.


A Perfume… evoke an unforgettable fragrance:


Now that your entire look is complete, all you have to do is spray an exotic fragrance and smell amazing. This is your absolutely go-to essential and your buddy for life.

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