Master Your Fashion Games By Knowing What Accessories You Should Own!


The word ‘fashion’ itself is so vast and diverse that you just can’t fathom it at once! But a huge amount of your signature style depends upon what accessories you choose to wear. Accessories are an essential part of both men’s and women’s fashion and one can just not stress enough on the fact! Reasons? Well, there are many but let’s just say no matter how good your dressing sense is, it is horribly in vain without some good collection of accessories.  Sometimes, getting it right with fashion and style can be difficult. And sometimes, many people make serious mistakes when trying to own basic fashion accessories that will come in handy, and complement fashion and style. So here is a detailed guide for anyone who is looking for some guidance on the choice of accessories. Also, below you can get ideas about what to wear and how to wear it. And remember from eyewear to watches, every accessory counts!

Let’s talk about some common fashion accessories for men and women first.

Watches Are a Must

There are some sectors where you just can’t discriminate between men and women. One of those is the importance of watch to complete the fashion outlook.

Men’s Watches

It is said that a man without a watch is a man without class. Best watches for men which do not only track the time but also add extra points to your style and fashion game. A good watch is the only accessory that a man has which he can flaunt with his overall attire. If you are thinking that there might be other accessories that have the power to add the same charm that a watch is capable of hiring than No. Hence it is essential for all the men to have a nice and generous collection of watches.

Therefore, a man must have a ‘daily watch’ it may not be fancy in fact, better to have a simple strap one which can add decency in your daily attire. But for formal occasions, you have plenty of choices from analog to smartwatches, then there are chronograph watches for men. In short, you have a lot of choices, just make sure your pair each watch every time with the right look.



Women’s Watches

Women have lots of options to choose their accessories from. But a watch is not an option. It is a fashion essential for those who do not compromise over class and elegance. Like men, women should also have a simple watch which they can wear on daily basis. And if you want to buy a fancy watch, look for ladies watches online. There is a vast variety of beautifully designed fancy watches on the internet. Choose the right one and add it to your collection to wear it on special occasions.



Sun Glasses

When you are somewhere outside in daytime especially, nothing is more crucial than a cool pair of shades.

Sun Glasses for Men

Men wearing a perfect pair of shades are much more attractive than men who do not. So, in order to be a man with class, attitude, and wisdom pick up some cool sunglasses for men available in different shapes, designs, and colors. Not only the perfect design but the quality part which involves UV protected, Polarized filters and protection from any harm to the eyes, is also important. Even if you are looking for online sunglasses, make sure you get all these things in whichever eyewear you choose to buy.

Although the choice of color is up to you, but remember it is not always necessary to go for black. Experiment with shades like brown and blue and look what goes best with you.



Sunglasses for Women

A smart woman never misses out the chance to flaunt her shades. Some ladies hesitate to wear eyewear if they are carrying a traditional dress but that should not be the case. And don’t just settle on one pair of sunglasses, collect at least two to three so you can add versatility to your style. After all, sunglasses price in Pakistan is pretty affordable so make the most it!



Some Particular Men’s Accessories

There are some accessories which are extremely crucial for men to get them right! Here are some tips about them


When its time to wear formals, cufflinks are a must! Although they come in many colors and designs simple, shiny steel grey cufflinks always do the job well! So make sure you at least have them if not a whole collection!



In casuals, nowadays men prefer to wear jeans which fit them without the belts which is fine but you can always standout with a good brown belt while carrying a casual look.

In formals, it is a must for every man to look smart and presentable. Have at least two to three belts of different colors and materials (leather, of course, is a must!)



Women’s Accessories which are Inevitable!

Like men’s fashion, there are some accessories in a woman’s wardrobe, particularly which are a necessity to win daily fashion wars!


There is a lot of variety of handbags for women. And you must be wise enough to know which one to carry when. There are totes, carriers, clutches and many more. While you must have had a casual bag for daily use. Collect some evening clutches to nail every formal event as well.


A woman without jewelry is always incomplete. All she needs to do is to know what exactly she should wear in a certain situation. Funky bracelets with casual looks are a must. Where on the other hand, elegant earrings and necklaces will glorify your elegance on special occasions.  It’s not that men’s should not wear jewelry. For the record, there are hundreds of men’s jewelry online shops. It’s just that it is more of a need for women’s fashion instead of men’s.

So these are some of the accessories for men and women to nail their fashion outlook. Can you think of something else to add in?

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