24kt Gold Plating – A World of Luxury with Telemart

24k Gold Plating

Kuch bhi gold plate karwalo

If you dream of owning gold plated items, Telemart makes those dreams possible. Always striving to deliver your imagination, Telemart offers a world of luxury with its 24kt gold plating service; a first in Pakistan for electronic items.

Whether it is an Apple Watch or a Macbook Pro, if you want an electronic device gold plated, Telemart can help. Here is a closer look at the world of luxury that only Telemart can offer you.

24kt Gold Plating – A Service unlike any Other

When you ask Telemart to gold plate your phone, laptop, or watch, we ensure that only the best professional handles your device. Using the utmost precision, they carefully cover every inch of your device with 24 karat gold. If desired, you can add the Swarovski touch to it, studding your device and making it look even better.

Your product is delivered to you in an intricately designed and customized box, complete with a certificate of authenticity. To make everything better, full warranty is offered on both the device and the gold plating, giving you complete peace of mind.

24kt Gold Plated Macbook

24k Gold Plating

The Macbook and Macbook Pro are the perfect laptops for those who aspire to do more. Telemart takes it a step further by gold plating your partner at work with 24kt gold. Now, you’ll be able to do a lot more than ever before.

24kt Gold Plated iPhone

24k Gold Plating

The iPhone is the perfect phone for people who dream big and achieve even bigger. If you want to cross your own limitations, Telemart can help. In no time at all, we can have your iPhone gold plated, upgrading your repertoire or making for the perfect gift.

24kt Gold Plated Apple Watch

24k Gold Plating

The Apple Watch is an essential extension of your iPhone, allowing you to see and do more with a device that already offers unlimited possibilities. Telemart breaks the boundaries by Gold Plating your entire watch, or its dial, whichever you prefer, with 24kt gold.

24kt Gold Plated iMac

24k Gold Plating

The iMac lets you explore your imagination and bring your dreams to life. At Telemart, we do the same. That’s why we can gold plate your iMac and help you explore even more possibilities than ever before.

24kt Gold Plated iPad

24k Gold Plating

The Apple iPad and iPad Pro have both revolutionized the consumer and professional tablet segments, much like Telemart has revolutionized ecommerce in Pakistan. If you’re ready to stand out with your iPad, Telemart can help by gold plating your iPad or iPad Pro with 24kt gold.

24kt Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy

24k Gold Plating

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 give you the power to access and change the world. Let Telemart change your world by giving your smartphone an ‘edge’ with 24kt gold plating.

Telemart is dedicated to delivering your imagination. With our 24kt gold plating services, you get pure 24kt gold plated on your device (completely customizable), a certificate of authenticity, separate 1-year warranties on both the device and the gold plating, and if desired, a host of precious stones studded on your product.

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