Mobile Repairs in Karachi – Why you shouldn’t Trust Everyone

Mobile Repairs in Karachi

Mobile kharab ho to bhai hai na

I don’t know about you guys but I love my Samsung Note 5. If something was to happen to it, I don’t know if I could go on. If something did, I know there are more mobile repair shops in Pakistan than there are educational institutes, which is really sad. But can you really trust these shops? Would they fix my phone or ensure future repairs? Here is a look at mobile repairs in Karachi, and why you shouldn’t trust local stores.

You don’t know who is Repairing your Phone

Everyone who has had their phone repaired knows the ‘bhai’ at the front of the store, not the guy behind him. The fact is you don’t know the repairman and you don’t trust him. I need to completely trust someone if I want him to repair the phone I paid so much for. In fact, 9/10 times, if he can’t fix it or doesn’t have time, he’ll give it to someone else to fix.

Can you really trust the repairman just because the ‘bhai’ at the front does? In this author’s opinion, hell no. I trust him as much as I trust my government to fix the roads in Karachi.

Their Replacement Parts are rarely Original

What draws us Pakistanis to these small repair stores is how cheap the repairs are. Let’s face it; if someone is fixing a big problem for a low price, I’m a happy guy. However, the problem is that local stores rarely use original parts. Why? 3 Reasons

  1. They know you want your phone back in one piece in as little time as possible and that you won’t care where the parts are from
  1. They know you can’t prove they don’t use original/new/genuine parts
  1. They know that original parts are expensive and if they actually use them, you won’t agree to the their price

Original parts are expensive and if a local store quotes a low price for a big repair, something is amiss. That’s why at Telemart, we pride ourselves on using only original parts. From a part as large as the entire board to a part as small as an IC, everything is always original.

Most Repair your Problem – They Don’t Fix your Phone

Sometimes, there are as many things wrong in your phone as there are things wrong in Karachi. The local repairman will only ever fix the problem you have stated, not the ones plaguing your phone. When something goes wrong 1 week later, he will never have you pay for that repair as well; and they know this. It’s a sales tactic for them. Think about it; if they completely fix your mobile phone, you would never come back to them.

You only have a few Hours to check your Phone

What happens if something goes wrong after the repairs are complete?

Once your phone is “repaired,” the repair shop will give you a few hours to check your phone. If there’s something wrong, you either did something or there is something else wrong with your phone. In both cases, you’re bearing the burden of the cost. So, what do you do?

Use Telemart’s Mobile Repair Service!

When you use a reliable service such as Telemart’s mobile repair service, you get our famous 7-Day Replacement and Checking Warranty. You have 7 days, that’s 168 hours, to check your product for any unlikely issues. In case you find one, give us a call or email us and we’ll handle it from there.

If you want your mobile fixed right, then let Telemart handle all your repairs for you. Our trained technicians, who you can meet, will tell you everything that’s wrong with your phone so that when you leave, you do so happy. Moreover, we only ever use original parts. If we can’t find them we’ll tell you.

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