Bixby: Claims and Truths

There is always a part reserved for the plot twist of “update” but what gives hope is the current situation of ground on which your product is standing. After the launch of Bixby Voice feature in Samsung galaxy S8, the buzz of the tech town remains continuous and constant. Is it really a step ahead from Siri? However, for most of the generic questions, Samsung’s answer was same and repetitive that Bixby will get better from time to time. Before getting into the topic deep, let’s check out some of Samsung’s claim that had been made long before the release.

Pre-launch claims

Can run app completely by voice command

We all know the drill with Siri, you can not completely rely on its voice commanding abilities. At one point or other you have to use your hands for typing, which means the service is not hands-free exclusive.

Bixby, on the other hand, claims to provide a service that will be completely hands-free, which means it will understand all your simple and complex commands for the service. Reacting only to your voice, which alone was enough to be way better than Siri.

No hang ups between voice and touch mix matches

Often we were ragged and tempered by all the hang ups that we attain for using and switching quickly between voice commands and touch. Bixby came with a perspective of easy and swirling mix matches of voice and touch. You can use whatever you want and play along with it in whatever style you demand with complete assurance of dangle free experience.

Less “Sorry, I missed that”

When you use Siri what’s that one intolerable reply you get for most of your command.  It’s their favourite word “sorry”. Well, guess what? Samsung was sure on the facts and figures that their Bixby will certainly provide a lesser chance for the sorry word to be there.

Post Launch results

Being said all that, it’s time to actually confront the things that Bixby provides in real life.

Customized commands

You can mould and can really train your Bixby to work and officiate according to your daily routine. For example, if your, “remind me to book my seat” has a pattern and are constant. Bixby will gain it as something default so for the next time you only have to ask “book my seat” and your task will be done.

Still not a match for Google assistant

If your expectations are to the point of Google assistant, well, think again. Because despite a lot of great and enhanced features, there are still some lacking.

Successful multiple Commanding

Remember the claim they made before hand, well guess what “they were right”. It does have fewer hang ups and it does work with complex and multi commands simultaneously. You can order your Bixby Voice to open gallery, open the first picture and edit it. And to your amaze, it will do so without any hesitations and with more than expected smoothness.


A hard worker

Unlike Siri, Bixby actually hates the word “sorry” like how it claims to be. Even when Bixby fails to understand your command completely, would still make an effort to get you through for the half of it if not full. This hard working efficiency of Bixby of not letting you complain is what makes it a lot better and bearable than Siri.

Need to be a little specific

Ask Bixby for picture search and it will let you have a tour of your own gallery. To avoid the confusion you have to be a little more specific and add the word “online” or “on internet” to your sentences.


Samsung still repeats their statements about getting better and improvements. But as a matter of fact, right now they have some lacking to seriously work on. However, there are some features, greater and better than Siri. Which ultimately forces to wait for their next step ahead.

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