We all know how crazy we get when we see those zits/pimples/acne. Not only that but in summer we get zits on the body too but that’s normal because it’s all because of summer heat, hormonal changes or most people get it because of stress.

This summer shine and beat the heat with clean shiny skin. Here is what you must know and definitely try. Take notes!


Face wash, creams, homemade remedies, masks and blah blah. You used all of them but none of them effectively works? Yes, that’s because not every skin type accepts such products, each of these products has a lot of ingredients and it’s not necessary that they all suit you however if you try FACIAL SUANA its works. The question is how? Well, face makeup is the most important part of your body glamour. Always make sure that it is of high quality so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your beautiful skin.

What actually does it do?

The heat brings freshness to your face, it makes the zits or any other pimples go small and reduce redness. Not only that it makes your skin glow by cleaning your pores. It helps in reducing blemishes, and the sweat takes away the dead skin cells at the same time.

It even enhances the blood circulation, removes toxins, and is helpful in relaxing.

If you add herbs or any other essential oils it will surely help.

BONUS: it’s a very inexpensive technique you can either buy the appliance or use a regular hot tub and cover yourself with a piece of cloth.


Got ya don’t worry lovelies, you can even try FACIAL CLEANING BRUSH if you don’t like much heat.

We can’t promise same results but it has good results. It’s worth to try it on your skin, you never know… you might get lucky?

You can get all these products easily from Telemart and by shopping online in Pakistan.


Honestly, PATIENCE, staying PERSISTENT is the only key. Stressing about it too much makes it worse. Touching your skin constantly makes it go poorer. We all hate this statement and it’s often said by mothers! This gets on your nerves but it’s true. It’s true if you keep poking your skin it will damage even more. Your nails and hands have a lot of bacteria and it can easily go on your skin making your zit look worse. Make sure your hands and nails are clean and you touching them doesn’t affect the healing process.



Where is the treasure?

It’s within you, the world shouldn’t see you for how you look. You don’t need to be pretty to be accepted or be given validation. Self-confidence and being original is the treasure. Dig down go deeper and awake your soul! Find the treasure within you because that’s what matters. Once you start feeling beautiful from the inside nobody else can mess with that! Nobody can take it away from you!

This new you would be the prettiest out of all!

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