4 reasons why you should get the new Lenovo P2


When it comes to smartphones Samsung, Apple, Huawei and HTC are among the big names on the block. Whilst respected, Lenovo isn’t considered a top contender in the industry. Well it seems like all of that is going to change with their new powerhouse the P2! Here are 4 reasons why you should buy the Lenovo P2:


1.Undisputed King of Smartphone Battery

The Lenovo P2 is the talk of the town and a favorite in the online mobile shopping community because of one reason: Its incredible battery.

The P2 is one of the longest lasting smartphone ever produced! Lenovo claimed that their signature phone can run for three days straight. Whilst that isn’t the case, the P2 goes strong through most of your second day. A feat no smartphone can achieve as most will die under 24 hours. The smartphone becomes simply unbelievable when it comes to its power saving mode which extends total battery life to an astounding 100 hours. Equipped with an energy drainer like the Snapdragon 625 and a humongous 5100mAH battery, the Lenovo P2 becomes the most energy efficient smartphone ever created. Mobile accessories such as power savers and battery packs are obsolete if you got yourself a P2.


2.Fast Octa-Core Processor

Clocking in at 2GHz Octa-Core processor, the Lenovo P2 does not sacrifice a smooth experience in favor of its inexpensive price. This smartphone is faster than almost every competitor within the same price range. Lenovo’s high-tech processor promises a seamless experience whether you are browsing through the internet, watching movies or playing video games, this phone can handle loads of heavy data.


3.Gorgeous Display

The Lenovo P2’s price propels it over all its competitors. It’s true that most smartphones do offer the same or even better features but they always do so in a price that makes our wallets cry. P2 offers a stunning 1080p HD display on a 5.5 inch screen which projects 401 pixels per inch. The result? The sharpest details and richest colors you can encounter on a mobile phone! This phone is well-suited to a tight budget and outperforms all its competitors within the same price. Online mobile shopping is no longer confusing with the fabulous choice of Lenovo P2!


4.Tons of Memory

What else can be added to make this smartphone a must-have for all phone enthusiasts and common people alike? You throw in some incredible storage capacity of course! This phone packs a punch with its satisfying 4GB RAM for smooth transition between apps, no matter how many you keep running at the same time. The phone also come along with an internal memory of 32 GB which is expandable to an enormous 256 GB. The outcome? Storing movies, songs and pictures is more convenient than ever before without any worry of exhausting your phone’s memory. So what are you waiting for? Get the Lenovo P2 and satisfy all your smartphone needs at an amazing value.

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