Online Stores vs. Bhai ki Dukaan – What’s the Difference Yaar?

Mobile Stores in Pakistan

Online? Bhai ki dukaan hai na!

We’ve all had to decide between buying goods online or from our local store at least once. Most of us are guilty of choosing the store. Why? Because, “bhai ki dukaan hai na!” In truth, if you look at the differences between an online store and ‘bhai ki dukaan,’ you’ll notice that online stores come out on top. What are the differences? I’m glad you asked.

Online Stores aren’t absent 75% of the time

We have all waited 15-60 minutes at a local store because “bhai nhi aye,” or “thori dair baad call karna.” It’s annoying and shows just how much the store owner cares about me. When they are there and you ask about a particular phone, they disappear for 30 minutes to “find out” for you. What you don’t know is that he probably found your price, ate a paan, went to the bathroom, and discussed the latest Ramadan deals before coming back.

With online stores, there is never a wait. You can view any product you want, whenever you want, and order day or night.

Online Stores are actually Categorized

Remember that time someone told you about that great local store that had plenty of mobiles? The only thing I remember was visiting a store full of uncategorized dust-covered smartphones, tablets, etc. Online stores categorize their inventory, allowing you to search by whatever parameters you want.

Online Stores There’s always a Promotion

Bhai ki dukaan may offer good prices, but they won’t offer the best value. With a reputable online store such as Telemart, there is always a deal available. There’s always one product being given for free with the purchase of another product. You won’t find this at bhai’s dukaan.

Because Millions Trust Online Stores

You may trust bhai because your friend, bhai, cousin, jan/janu, and/or father trusts him, but that’s 5 out of 200 million people. Reputable online sites such as Telemart have earned the trust of millions of people around Pakistan. If Pakistan is the land of democracy, I think the trust of millions of people means more than that of 4 people – 5 if you count jan/janu.

Online Stores offer “Them Feels”

Yes, we all know you want to feel your mobile before you buy it. You want to know what it looks like, how appealing it is, and how it fits in your hand. I feel the same way, but with biryani and pieces of chicken/beef. When it comes to mobile phones, the same doesn’t apply.

Come on guys, it’s not like a 5.5 inch screen will magically turn into a 6” screen at bhai’s dukaan. Unless he’s selling some shady stuff. Reputable stores such as Telemart offer warranties on their products, allowing you to gain peace of mind when you use an original product; unlike bhai.

Online stores in Pakistan are marvelous and magical places, like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or Westeros. While bhai and his Pakistani mobile store does offer great prices, he can’t offer the convenience, value, or trust that online stores have. If you really have to visit a store, Telemart has both online and retail stores, where you can enjoy the same prices, service, trust, and customer care. Beat’s bhai’s shop anyday!

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