Pakistan’s Online Market – Why Cheaper isn’t always Better

Online shopping in Pakistan

Bhai, Mahengai ka zamana hai

As citizens of this great nation, you know that we spend more than half of our time finding the best deals about certain goods. These include genuine mobile phones, smart watches, clothing, and even computers. We hunt for lower prices like the U.S hunt for oil; we’re relentless. However, in the hunt for the lowest price, is cheaper really better? Let’s find out together. Bhai hai na!

There’s always a Cost to Everything

Whether it’s warranty, in-store service, after sales service, or even the AC that runs in your favorite outlet, there is a cost for everything. When you purchase a smartphone in Pakistan and your friend’s shop is selling one for less than everyone else, think about what you’re losing out on.

In most cases, you lose the following goods and services when you agree to a much lower price point:

  • Official Warranty
  • After Sales Services
  • Repairs (Free or otherwise)

Each is absolutely essential and is worth the increased price.

For example, some products may have certain defects that come straight from the manufacturer. Without warranty, you’re not likely to get a replacement. The small online store you bought it from will likely tell you that you didn’t see the fine print or that you caused the damage. We usually bring popcorn to such events.

The Problem of Genuine/Original Products

Pakistani’s are known for their intelligence. They’re also known for their knack for ripping people off. If you find a beautiful watch that is available for roughly Rs. 8,000 in international markets but your favorite online store is selling it for Rs. 5,400, they’re likely selling a fake, first copy, locally boxed, refurbished, or imitation product. It may look the same and may have some similar features, but it will last as long as your temper on a hot summer’s day.

At Telemart, you can rest assured knowing every product, regardless of its price, is 100% genuine; backed by a guarantee not even the government can provide. Remember,

“If it’s not original, it’s not at Telemart!”

Customer Service is Real – It has a Cost

When you’re purchasing anything online, be it a smartphone, the latest unstitched brand, or a tablet for your parents, customer service is always required. You want to talk to someone who knows what you’re buying, why you’re buying, and can help you make the right purchase.

In Pakistan, “That’s a good choice, sir” roughly translates to:  “I don’t care about the right product for you. My margins are higher on this, so just buy it already.”

When you have a company that cares, they will give you time. They won’t help you buy a phone; they’ll help you make the right choice. They won’t push you into buying a product you don’t want in order to make a quick buck.

Online shopping has become a thriving industry in Pakistan. Unfortunately, many online stores in Pakistan have begun to cut so many corners that it will harm you. When you shop online, search for the right store and purchase the right product.

Remember, price isn’t everything!

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