Smartwatches in Pakistan – The Essential Shashka

While ‘smartwatches’ have been around for quite some time now, we’ve only heard about them in Pakistan for the last few years. They’re these small digital watches that are probably a tad smaller than the pakore you eat at iftar. Yet, while they have become an essential extension of smartphones in Western society, Pakistani’s dodge them like Eid shopping with the family. In fact, many believe they are merely ‘shashke k liye.’ While true, a smartwatch is an essential shashka every smartphone owner should have in their life. Here are a few great reasons why.

They’re an Extension of your Smartphone

Most smartwatches in Pakistan sport an array of features that allow you to use your smartphone in ways that would probably confuse most people. You can always compare features easily when shopping online. What makes these great is that you can essentially use your smartphone without ever taking it out of your pocket. Here is a look at some of the top features:

  • Bluetooth Dialers – Because I’m too lazy to take out my phone and tell my boss I’m not coming in for work.
  • Built-in Pedometer – Fantastic if you’re looking for a way to track your weight loss progress
  • Remote camera control – Because snapping people without them knowing is fun
  • A Clock – Because every watch should tell the time

You’re less likely to be Robbed

Let’s face it; every Pakistani suffers a mini heart attack every time they place their hands in their pocket while they’re out. With all the crime rampant throughout our country, why wouldn’t they? With a smartwatch, you never have to take your phone out ever again, thus reducing your chances of being robbed.

Simply hide it in your bag and use your watch instead. Plus, our petty criminals haven’t advanced far enough to know that you’re wearing a smartwatch. To them, it’s likely an oversized digital watch.

It will help you IF you are Robbed

In case I’m wrong and you are robbed, which I hope doesn’t happen, most smartwatches have a handy tracker that can help you hunt down find the thief(s) and get your smartphone back. You may not go Sherlock Holmes on them but it beats going home and offering Fatiyah for the fallen.

Because this Shashka is on Sale!

Smartphones in Pakistan are selling fast. How fast? Remember how fast you first ran away from home when you broke a plate in the kitchen? Faster than that!

Smartphones have been on sale in for quite a while now. In fact, Telemart has quite a few on sale as part of their Ramadan Deals. If you’ve been looking to finally get your hands on this essential shashka, now is the time.

It’s time you stopped listening to that annoying friend who tells you that a smartwatch is nothing but just a shashka. It’s an essential shashka that every smartphone owner should have for a myriad of reasons, in excess of the ones above. So, stop reading and start browsing through some great smartwatches in Pakistan!

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