Telemart celebrates Hijab Day to counter Valentine’s day.

A lot of people say that we have to become a more open and liberal society to succeed and prosper. Well, we here at Telemart agree with that, but with that statement, we would like to add that we should become open under certain limitations i.e, not forgetting our morals, ethics and cultural & religious values. Social integration and globalisation does not necessarily mean that you adopt every single western tradition but we should maintain and respect our values and accept changes that help us unite and prosper as a whole rather than disintegrate our society and it’s beautiful traditions.

This is why, we at want to celebrate Hijab day from the 1st of February to the 15th of February by introducing discounts on Hijab products. Hijab day celebrations is a counter to the Valentine’s day tradition which is increasingly becoming popular within the country. The concept of valentines is, in itself, a weak one. Proponents of those who celebrate this day argue that it is a day of love for humanity, but we at Telemart think that love for humanity should not be restricted to single day and it is something which should be celebrated and reflected in our actions all 365 days of the year. We all know that Valentine’s is celebrated for reasons other than the aforementioned one.

So to promote Islamic and religious values and reignite the enthusiasm for them, we are celebrating Hijab day by offering Upto 60% discounts on the following brands
1- Arabi`s 
2- Hijab-ul-Hareem 

So make use of this scheme and reintroduce our beautiful Islamic and cultural values into the society’s mainstream frame only with Telemart.

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