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Buy Perfumes Online without Smelling them

Let’s face it; when you want to purchase an array of perfumes, you need to sample them like your life depended on it. If you’re a Pakistani who loves online shopping, you know that you can’t sample them before you make a purchase. So, how does a person who isn’t a seasoned brand expert buy perfumes online when they know they can’t smell them? Well, let me tell you how! Here is a beginner’s guide on how to buy perfumes online.

Check the Store’s Reputation

Before clicking any “add to cart” button, you have to ensure the company you’re buying from is a reputable seller of original perfumes. Nothing is worse than paying Rs. 10,000 for a perfume that is as fake as Lady Gaga.

If you buy your perfumes from a reputable online store that boasts “we sell original perfumes in Pakistan,” then you have a chance. Make sure you confirm this fact from customer care as well.

Check the Packaging

You know that absolutely beautiful blue-bottled perfume your nani gave you for your birthday? The blue color wasn’t just there for show. The blue color helps you identify what type of fragrance you’re buying. Just so you have an idea:

  • Blue and green color packaging often tells you the perfume has fresh notes
  • Pink indicates more floral notes
  • Gold and brown colors indicate heavy, rich and/or woodsy notes
  • Orange or bright yellow colors indicate citrusy notes

Know your Labels

If you think labels such as “cool water,” and “midnight fantasy,” are used because they sound cool, you’re not entirely correct. These labels are used to showcase the scent, duration, time, and type of perfume you’re looking at. For example, light blue suggests it’s a light and fresh fragrance that may be great for lunch dates. Midnight fantasy suggests a heavy perfume that lasts long and is perfect for parties at night.

When you buy original perfumes online, ensure you read the labels to get a good idea what type of fragrance it’s touting.

Know your Notes

No, these are the notes you steal from your friend when you’ve bunked a whole week of classes. When you buy perfumes, they are characterized by notes. For those of you who don’t know, there are 4 primary themes of notes. These are:

  1. Fresh – Clean and fresh smells; think ocean breeze
  2. Floral – Scents that remind you of flowers
  3. Oriental – Bold smells that really set the stage
  4. Woodsy – Earthy and complicated smells that remind you of oils and forests

Every perfume’s product description will contain information about what notes to expect. This will let you know what treat your nose is in for.

Buying perfumes online doesn’t have to be a hard or confusing experience. Just keep these basic steps in mind and you’re good to go. When in doubt, stick with brands you know about and love to wear.


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