Telemart Guides – How to Safely Shop Online in Pakistan

Badlo Pakistan

Bhai hai na!

Pakistanis are the most loving, caring, and most generous people on earth; we all know it even if we don’t admit it. However, when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan, there are unfortunately a few hurdles and issues this industry has yet to solve. Until then, let Telemart show you how to safely shop online in Pakistan.

Ensure they Sell Genuine Products

In Pakistan, genuine products are as rare as perfect gol rotis. Only a rare few such as Telemart sell genuine mobile phones, tablets, clothing, electronics, and more. As such, if you want to safely shop online in Pakistan, call the online store and ensure their products are 100% genuine and original.

Check the Terms of their Warranties

Whether online stores tell you or not, Telemart believes that every customer has the right to warranties on their purchase. While some such as Telemart offer official warranties, very few offer any other kind. At minimum, every online store should offer a 7-day replacement and checking warranty. If they don’t, stay away!

Reliable Customer Care

Most online stores offer a customer sales service, or a sales representative you can talk to. However, don’t look for a sales representative, look for customer care. You want someone to represent your interests and quell your concerns. You want them to be honest, caring, and prompt. If you contact an online store’s customer care, ensure they at least meet the following criteria:

  • They reply within 2 hours
  • They offer more than a “Yes, sir” reply
  • They talk to you as a customer, not as another annoying query
  • They offer recommendations and advice, not just a “ok, sir”

Online Shopping in Pakistan may be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean you lose your trust in online vendors. The right online stores work tirelessly to gain your trust by offering unmatched warranties, genuine products, and reliable customer care. If you find the right online store in Pakistan, shop away! When in doubt, contact customer care!

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