5 Lessons to Take Away from Ramadan 2016

Ramadan Mubarak

Bhot jaldi guzar gaya, yaar!

Ramadan 2016 is almost over and we’ve essentially charged our imaan for another year of, well, bad stuff. Fortunately for most of us, this #nayaramadan has been full of wonderful experiences, numerous gatherings, plenty of ibaadat, and hundreds of lessons. Here are the Top 5 lessons to take away from Ramadan 2016.

1 – Nothing is Beyond His Forgiveness

Jummah Mubarak

We’ve all done plenty of bad things in our life we aren’t proud of, many that we are too afraid to tell anyone, like hurt someone’s feelings, sit at home shopping online instead of praying, or appear on Amir Liaquat’s TV show. However, God forgives us all if we ask him nicely.

Once Ramadan 2016 ends, don’t be afraid to drop to your knees and weep for forgiveness from God. He will surely listen and will surely forgive if you’re sincere enough. Nothing is beyond his forgiveness.

2 – Ami Aboo par Raham Karo

Gifts for mom

Unless you’re Jeena, you know that your parents have made plenty of sacrifices for you, particularly your mother. Waking up an hour earlier than you, just to prepare sehri is a big task. This Ramadan was pretty warm and we all saw how our mother sweats off to ensure you enjoy Ramadan.

Once Ramadan 2016 ends, help your parents when and where you can. Buy your mother a roti maker, rice cooker and/or an automatic washing machine to make her life much easier now and forever.

3 – Online Shopping in Pakistan is Love

Online shopping in Pakistan

Ok, we all know that online shopping in Pakistan is great but it has to be one of the biggest conveniences we have all enjoyed in Ramadan 2016. Going out into crowded markets is annoying and is a great way to have your savings stolen from you.

Sitting at home, shopping away on your mobile, laptop, or desktop is a great way to purchase goods and not have a gun pointed at you.

4 – The Poor need you Every Day

Poor people in Asia

Whether it’s feeding the poor or clothing them, if there is one thing we see happening throughout Ramadan, it’s charity work. However, don’t let Ramadan 2016 be the last time you help the poor and needy of this great nation.

Once Ramadan 2016 ends, continue to help the poor. Give them food, shelter, clothes, and educate a child so they can earn for their family and not need continued help.

5 – Jeena Ke Maa Baap Nahi Hein

Jeena k maa baap nai hai

There are plenty of things I have learned throughout Ramadan 2016 but if there is one thing I have learned more than anything else, it’s that Jeena Ke Maa Baap Nahi Hein. But in all honesty, that’s not the message here.

There are countless orphans in Pakistan that won’t be able to celebrate Eid with anyone. After Ramadan, their existence will wither away. These kids of Pakistan don’t have anyone to turn to; help them if and when you can. Visit orphanages on Eid and celebrate with the kids there. Give them Eidi, gifts, clothes, and happiness. Don’t let them become Jeena, where everything always comes back to mere to maa baap nahin hein.

At Telemart, we hope you have enjoyed a fantastic Ramadan and will spend the last few days charging your imaan, preparing for Eid, helping the poor, and asking for forgiveness. Here’s hoping to enjoy Ramadan 2017!

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