Online Shopping – The Best way to Shop this Eid

Online Shopping in Pakistan

Kyun k ek ghanta kabhi nhi lage!

Eid shopping is a yearly event many of us love, unless you’re a brother or husband who has been forcefully elected to be the driver and/or bag carrier (I know your pain guys). It’s an event full of joy and excitement, as well as unfortunate frustration, robberies, and rip offs. I know how exciting and frustrating Eid shopping can be but there is a better way; online shopping. Here is a closer look at why online shopping in Pakistan is the best way to shop for your whole family this Eid.

Your Parents will Love you for it

You may love Eid shopping but in all honesty, your parents do not. They have to fight for parking, hold 3 kids in 1 hand, and keep their purse safe, all at once. Let’s face it, it’s a hectic event for our beloved parents, or whoever takes you. The longer you take, the more frustrated and annoyed they may get.

Do your parents a favor and shop online. You can sit at home, visit Telemart and purchase anything you want in no time at all, without hassling your parents even once.

Because you get to keep your Belongings

You know as well as I do that the number of mobile, purse, car, and/or bike thefts in Pakistan are just too damn high. When it comes to Eid shopping, you may as well just hand over your precious belongings to thieves, kind of like how people hand their self-respect over to Amir Liaquat; it’s that easy.

If you want to keep your phone, purse, car, bike, and more, don’t put them at risk and shop online from the comfort of our sofa. You get better value than any local market, and nothing gets stolen from you.

You won’t get Ripped Off

Either we’re already so annoyed that we forget or we’re in a rush to get home, we forget to check that we are buying high quality original goods. In that rush or moment of annoyance, we get ripped off. When you shop online at Telemart, you’ll never be ripped off because every branded product is 100% genuine and comes with our famous 7-Day Replacement and Checking Warranty.

Because you get better Deals

Online Shopping in Pakistan has its own set of unique advantages. One of them is a whole set of better deals. For example, when you purchase Rs. 2,000 worth of Unilever products from our Joys of Eid Festival, not only do you get a Khaadi gift voucher worth Rs. 1,000, you get a free Telemart Discount Card and Unilever sample product as well. Don’t think that’s enough?

We recently launched our Grand Eid Sale, where you can enjoy up to 70% off on a whole range of already low-priced items you will need both during and after Eid.

Eid shopping can be quite a big hassle and the easiest way around it is to shop online. With Telemart, online shopping this Eid becomes easier and better than ever before. This #Nayaramadan, do the smart thing and shop online.

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