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According to a recent survey, your mobile phone screens are ten times dirtier than your toilet seat. GROSS? we know!  The germs and bacteria on the screen effect us in many ways. This could just be a mild irritation on the skin or something as serious as diseases like TB, Typhoid or Syphilis etc. And hence we have come up with a few very effective ideas to help you keep that load of germs off of your smart phone, be it your Apple Iphone 6s or your Samsung J110h


STEP 1 : Cleaning the screen

This step involves making a water-vinegar solution. All you have to do is make a mixture of water and a few drops of vinegar, which is the best guard against bacteria. DO NOT SPRAY IT DIRECTLY ON YOUR PHONE SCREEN. But use a cloth to apply it. Leave it on for a few minutes before cleansing it off with a dry cloth.

STEP 2 : Cleaning the charger hole:

Dampen a cotton bud and wipe the holes while making sure you do not harm any parts of the device. This should be done very cautiously and it must be made sure that the cotton bud is not soaking wet as it can be harmful for your phone. Just a slight moistening should do.

STEP 3 : Cleaning the battery:

This is something people usually avoid doing or do not necessarily find the need of, except for when their phone hangs. But it is very essential to clean the battery to speed up the energy transfer from the battery to the handset. You can either:

  1. Take out the battery, give it a blow and put it back in.
    2. Or properly cleanse off the dirt by rubbing an alcohol dipped cotton swab on the place of battery and phone contact.

STEP 4 : Cleaning the phone case:

Remove the case of your phone. Take a bowl filled with water and add a few drops of dish wash liquid. Immerse the phone case in it, making sure it is properly dipped inside. Leave it on till all the dirt and filth is wiped off. Once you are sure it’s clean, take it out and dry it well before putting it back on your smart phone.
These were some incredibly easy ways involved in cleaning your handset and leaving it completely spotless. Whereas, If you don’t have a phone and are still deciding on which one to get, you can simply visit to see your options in one of the best online shopping stores in Pakistan, Telemart.

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