3 ways every Pakistani Student can save enough Money to Retire !

Ok, maybe not retire, but you get the point.

If you’re a student in Pakistan, you know how annoying, frustrating, and bad life can be. You’re constantly giving exams, based on topics you hate, for teachers you don’t like, in hopes for a future that is just “one exam away.” To top it all off, most of us aren’t making money, which makes everything all that much worse. So, how does a student save any money at all? I’m glad you asked! Here are 3 great ways!

1 – Purchase your Goods Online

Online Shopping in Pakistan is on the rise. When you purchase your favorite dress at your local store, you’re essentially paying for the product and the cost of running the store. As students, we just want the product, and that’s where the internet comes in. Shopping online takes away the hassle of begging your sibling or parent to take you to your favorite store and gives you access to more deals than you may be able to handle.

2 – Use Telemart’s Discount Card

If you purchased goods from Telemart before, you probably own an expiry-free, no conditions attached discount card. The Telemart Discount Card is a gateway to countless deals from over 180 brands across the country. If you’re a student who loves to shop a lot and hang out with friends, this card is the perfect way to save thousands of Rupees, literally. If you don’t have a card yet, simply purchase anything from Telemart and get one free!

3 – Purchase in Installments

Let’s face it, as students, we can only save so much money every month. By the time we’ve saved enough for that perfect smartphone we want, the next one comes out. As such, if you want to purchase something expensive, say above Rs. 20,000, purchase that smartphone in installments. However, make sure the plan is Shariah compliant.

As students, there is only so much we can do with a limited amount of money. So, when you get the chance to save thousands of rupees, take it. With the 3 easy ways above, not only will you be saving a lot of money, you’ll be able to enjoy life as well.

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