The Much Hyped Fitness Bands and It’s Features


Calling out to all those gadget-addicts who are also fitness freaks! We expect you to be already aware of the much-hyped Fitness Bands. Anyone who can afford this precious accessory loves them and basically can’t have their workout sessions without them. We have seen them everywhere. Let’s talk about actually getting some information about these over-hyped fitness gadgets.

Traditionally, which is like a few years back… These bracelets didn’t do much more than counting the steps. It was your basic pedometer that would count every step you’d take all the day while the band’s still on your wrist.

Naturally, over the course of time, these bands have evolved. Like everything else. These bands now have various features which make your gym and run sessions a lot cooler. Let’s take a detailed look at different features these bands come with.


The most common and basic tracker included is the pedometer. This counts all your steps, wherever you go. The sensors in the band measure acceleration force and it’s orientation, determining the direction of the motion. These sensors detect if your device is moving or not.


There’s nothing new about GPS, really. We have it for years! However, it doesn’t look like it’s old self when it’s placed in your fitness band. The chips have become more efficient which means less power required for the GPS to work. Hence, slimmer and smaller bands with larger batteries aren’t really required.

They also the users to easily trace their map while running, walking or cycling. Analyzing their route to take will never be easier.

Optical heart-rate monitors

An optical heart-rate monitor makes use of light when measuring your heart rate per minute. The LED light shines through the skin which is then examined by an optical sensor. Fluctuations in light levels help determine the heart rate through a process called Photoplethysmography.


Your body temperature is one of the most important things that need to be monitored, especially when you’re working out. As your temperature rises, your fitness band will indicate if you’re pushing it too hard or maybe that you might be getting sick.

Ambient light sensors

If you don’t know what ambient light sensors are, don’t worry. They’re nothing complex. You make use of them every day as your smartphone adjusts to your environment by managing the brightness. A fitness tracker uses it too as it detects the time of day.

Millions of people try every day to make their lives healthier by following strict diets and hardcore workout routines. It’s always good to keep a track of things while you’re working so hard. When you see results, you will get motivated to do better instantly. Fitness bands are a great accessory which helps you monitor your everyday activity.

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Just to add a few more words of advice here, fitness is not something that can be compromised. You must get these bands before you lose track of your fitness, you should also get your hands on fitness watches.