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The top 3 best ASUS monitors for gaming

Telemart proves itself the king of online electronic product deals by offering these monitors at such affordable prices. Here are some other electronic products available at Telemart.


PC beats consoles! It’s about time that we admit this fact. For PC gaming two things are essential for the best experience, a powerful system and a rich display. Provide those two things to a gamer and they will be in heaven! The best experience of online shopping in Pakistan for CPU’s and monitors is right here at Telemart! In monitors, one brand dominates the display game and beats all of its competitors by a long shot! ASUS. Here are the top 3 best ASUS monitors for gaming:



Staying true to its philosophy of “See Wider, Work Smarter” this ultra-wide 29 inch monitor packs a glorious screen resolution of 2560×1080 which results in one of the most cinematic experiences that a monitor can possibly offer.

The screen comes with an adjustable mount which you can set according to your height and a flexible screen tilt which will help gamers to adjust their displays at just the right place in case the enemy team is getting too aggressive!

The image quality of this monitor is surely the most attractive feature to gamers. Equipped the latest generation AH IPS, the monitor displayed 98.7% of the sRGB color gamut and had contrast levels of up to a ratio of 80,000,000:1 which results in stunning colors and the sharpest details through which you can spot even the most well-hidden enemy teams!


A monitor made primarily for the purpose of gaming must check all the marks for gamers otherwise it will surely fail at the market. ASUS made sure that no such criticisms would arise with the exceptional MG24UQ.

This monitor has an Ultra HD 4K display to die for which is presented in a stunning wide display of 23.6 inches. Get ready for the most realistic gaming experience of your life!

The contrast levels of this display absolutely destroys its competitors with a ratio of 100,000,000:1! The outcome? Visuals so stunning it would make Michael Angelo cry! If perfect graphics and pleasing visuals are your priority then there is no better monitor than the MG24UQ! All that and more at an affordable price with the best online shopping in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all other cities of Pakistan!




Another gaming monitor, the VG278HV ensures that your display is sharp and large with its 1080p HD display on an enormous 27 inch screen. Equipped with the option of an adjustable height and an ergonomic design for tilt and swivel, you will spend hours binge playing your favorite games in peace and comfort!

Unloaded graphics and visual lagging is a problem of the past due to the VG278HV’s exceptional 144Hz rapid refresh rate. This monitor is a favorite to gamers in online shopping because it promises the smoothest gaming experience you will ever have with its fantastic 1ms response time. A little bit of a bummer for those who use the lagging excuse when they lose, better not tell your gaming buddies about this one! On top of all this Telemart provides a 3 year warranty to anyone who buys the VG278HV!

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