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Since so many people are involved in the “Vlogosphere,” having good production values can help set your videos apart, helping you attract an audience. On second note we also find of fine quality in the media industry. Now the move is up into the world of “beyond HD”, Sony camcorders proudly wear its “4K” badge of honor, offering UHD (3840 x 2160) video recording at bit rates of up to 100Mbps, a majority of people don’t have screens that can fully appreciate 4K resolution—the high-resolution files will play back at a higher bit rate over the Web. The 1"-type sensor on this camera is larger than the ones found in most camcorders and offers a slightly different aesthetic. You will not be able to achieve the same blown-out backgrounds the way you can on a large-sensor DSLR or mirror-less camera, but the effect is noticeable enough to make a difference if you compose your image properly, including large lens ring, which can adjust focus or zoom, and Sony’s electronic Multi Interface Accessory Shoe (MIS).
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