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  1. Acer
Laptop Display Size
  1. 13.1 - 14.9
  2. 15.0 - 16.9
Processor type
  1. Intel Core i7
  2. Intel Core i5
  3. Intel Core i3
  4. Intel Celeron
RAM Capacity
  1. Less Than 4 GB
  2. 4 GB
  3. 8 GB
  1. 250 GB & Under
  2. 250 GB - 320 GB
  3. 321 GB - 500 GB
  4. 501 GB - 999 GB
Graphics Processor
  1. Intel Integrated Graphics
Laptop Display
  1. Touch Screen
  2. LED
  • Rs 34,049.00 Rs 84,999.00
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Even with the new advancements like macbook, macbook air etc people still tend to use laptops as they find them much less sensitive and cheaper. Moreover you don’t have to get extra conscious when using your electronic gadget. Laptops like Accer have been real smooth and active because of the AMD CHIP it comprises of. The new model ACTIVE VX is a complete package. It is ultra-thin, fashionable and all the power to fulfill your mobile needs. The brand offers ground-breaking convertible computers that feature dominant improvement and progressive design. So if you are looking for a complete package you know what the answer is.

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