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  1. Asus
  2. Gigabyte
Top Brands
  1. NVIDIA Geforce
  1. PCI Express
Ram Capacity
  1. 3 GB
  2. 2 GB
Memory Bus
  1.  64 Bit
  2. 192 Bit
Memory Type
  1. GDDR3
  2. GDDR5
Graphics Processor
  1. Nvidia Geforce
  • Rs 4,949 Rs 118,999

Nvidia Geforce

In this era of ultimate technology, everyone is in dire need of a computer with the best efficiency and maximum performance. Perfection can never come without a flawless and optimum screen display of your PC. To ensure your display stays ideal and most favourable, you will need a graphics card of none other than well known NVIDIA GEFORCE series. Graphics cards by NVIDIA come with maximum of 8GB RAM, 256 bits memory bus, and memory clock of 7.0 Gbps. NVIDIA cards also support windows ranging from the oldest to latest versions and can bear a temperature as high as 98 centigrade.

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