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  1. Apple
Laptop Display Size
  1. 11.1 - 13.0
  2. 13.1 - 14.9
  3. 15.0 - 16.9
Processor type
  1. Intel Core i7
  2. Intel Core i5
  3. Intel Core M
RAM Capacity
  1. 6 GB
  2. 8 GB
  3. 16 GB
  1. 250 GB & Under
  2. 250 GB - 320 GB
  3. 501 GB - 999 GB
  4. 1 TB
Graphics Processor
  1. AMD Radeon
  2. NVIDIA GeForce
  3. Intel Integrated Graphics
Laptop Display
  1. Backlit
  2. LED
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Apple Laptops in Pakistan

Well iMac is an attractive side of technology that is certainly well-known and demanding in technology geeks. Idea behind this, is to give a desktop experience that keeps you in for the classy style with the best and latest technology. That all comes to a life with brightest, most colorful and quality retina display. The new iMac; Apple laptop new model 2017 encases all-new processors, latest of technologies in graphic, higher frequency connectivity and deviceful storage. Get riveting experience of enjoying the class and tantalize your soul to work. Processing has become too ultimate and quick with this one that truly defines the edge class of technology and more productivity with your MacBook and MacBook Pro.

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