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Server - DDR4

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Boost up the performance of your computer by upgrading memory with the most advanced server type, DDR4. Having the primary advantages of DDR4 over its predecessor, DDR3, include higher module density and lower voltage requirements, coupled with higher data rate transfer speeds. The DDR4 standard allows for DIMMs of up to 64 GiB in capacity, compared to DDR3's maximum of 16 GiB per DIMM. DDR4 operates at a voltage of 1.2 V and 1.4 V with a frequency between 800 and 2133 MHz, compared to frequencies between 400 and 1067 MHz and voltage requirements of 1.5 or 1.65 V of DDR3 that is anticipated low-voltage DDR4 will run at a voltage of 1.05 V. Get DDR4 servers online here with complete authenticity at just one click.
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