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  1. AB Sons
  2. Anex
  3. Black & Decker
  4. Cambridge
  5. E-LITE
  6. Geepas
  7. Jackpot
  8. Sinbo
  9. West point
  • Rs 3,299.00 Rs 25,499.00
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Ovens can perform tasks such as heating, baking and drying so not only can they be used for warming and preparing any kind of solid food but most importantly, they are used to make cakes and pizzas! This is not a drill, ovens are officially the most important thing created by mankind! We over at Telemart understand the importance of these magical appliances and bring to you high-tech, easy to use and premium quality ovens. Brands such as West Point, Geepas and Anex ensures that your food is always top-notch in quality and prepared in no time! So what are you waiting for? Telemart’s ovens await you!
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