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  1. Anex
  2. Black & Decker
  3. Braun
  4. Deuron
  5. E-LITE
  6. Gaba Nationnal
  7. Geepas
  8. Jackpot
  9. Kenwood
  10. Morphy Richards
  11. Panasonic
  12. Philips
  13. Sinbo
  14. West point
  • Rs 2,129.00 Rs 17,819.00
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Who doesn’t like toast and tea in the mornings?! Telemart brings to you high-tech, easy to use and premium quality toasters from internationally recognized brand such as Anex, Kenwood, West Point and many others. These toasters ensure a quick bite any time of the day whether you are having buttered toast for breakfast or a self-prepared sandwich for those midnight munchies. Telemart’s smart toasters secure you from both burnt and under prepared bread by exposing it to radiant heat set on your terms, just the way you like it! So what are you waiting for? Toast away with our inexpensive and efficient toasters!

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