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Wash the load in a go: 

There are different household chores that go around in a day. Washing laundry is one of the regular time-consuming jobs. But thanks to modern age technology in helping us save time in washing clothes. Otherwise, in olden times washing clothes would mean sitting with dirty clothes and washing them with hands, wasting time and energy. 

There are two types of washing machines, Automatic and Semi-Automatic. The automatic machine, as the name suggests, is a complete solution to washing and drying clothes, with a single tub that washes the load, and dries it in the same tub. Whereas, a semi-automatic machine has two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying the clothes. This requires your manual effort of transferring the clothes from one tub to the other.

Thanks to Telemart, now you can buy washing machines online on our website in the comfort of your home. 

Washing machines available in Pakistan:

Washing machines are widely used in Pakistan and found in almost all urban households. When you plan on buying a washing machine, the following are several factors you should consider.

  1. Type of washing machine
  2. Size and load capacity
  3. Wash settings
  4. Material and quality
  5. Brand and price

Choosing a washing machine solely depends on your needs. People generally go after ease and reliability, the two main factors that affect your decision. Price is another important consideration. Washing machines prices in Pakistan vary from brand to brand and the size too. 

Telemart has a variety of washing machines at affordable prices. Hier, Samsung, Homage, and Jackpot are names of some washing machine brands available on the Telemart Website.