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How To Be An Amazing Teacher

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For most of us during our school experience there was one amazing teacher who changed our outlook on life and helped us succeed and whose life lessons we will never forget. What was it that made them such an outstanding teacher and what is it that I can do as a new teacher to replicate this quality?
Here then are all the tips, techniques and tactics that make some teachers stand out above the rest and will make you into an amazing teacher as well. Learn from an expert on how to improve your teaching skills; How to get your classroom's behavior to work to your benefit; how to motivate pupils who don't seem to want to learn, and much more.
These are all challenges often asked about by newly qualified as well as experienced teachers. How to be an Amazing Teacher explains: The secrets of body language, presence and classroom charisma. How to unlock the hidden talents of pupils and develop their motivation and engagement through a wealth of innovative teaching techniques. The tools amazing teachers have mastered to engage disaffected pupils and make the classroom a vibrant and engaging place. 
Carefully blending practical advice, real life scenarios and expert opinion, this book will make any teaching career more rewarding and successful.
Caroline Bentley-Davies is an inspector of schools, an adviser and consultant. She runs training courses and observes lessons across the UK. In only her second year of teaching, at the age of 23, Caroline was deemed 'outstanding' by Ofsted. Since then she has worked as a Local Authority Adviser in Northamptonshire, England and a consultant working both nationally and internationally.

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