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In Each And Every Drop An Ocean 2016

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Wasif Ali Wasif was remarkable man by any standard. It is not for me to enlarge upon his spiritual status or godliness. He possessed far too many qualities for any of us to fathom. One facet of his fascinating personality, however, stands out, that is, his sparkling conversation which conveyed comfort to many a mind, darkened by the stress and uncertainties of the age we live in.
Perhaps the word conversation doesn’t fit the context. What those who attended his mahfils heard was an inspired and effortless outpouring of incisive observations touching and illuminating specific issues and particular problems. Each question posed by his listeners seemed to bring the best out of him. There was nothing abstruse or abstract about his discourse. There was no jargon, no buzzwords. His speech had an elemental flow, moving, eloquent, direct and ultimately plain. But he made you think and the more you pondered on his words the more his plainness appeared to be charged with meanings.
Luckily many, if not all, of his talks were recorded and are being transcribed now and published. Probably there is enough material in hand to make up at least one hundred volumes. What is more, the material published so far is so readable and perceptive that in the long run even a hundred volumes may only serve to whet the readers’ appetite.
He was a poet also. In addition contributed a weekly column in a well-known Urdu daily. Many of these columns have now been published in book form. The translation you are about to read consists of columns published in a book entitled Qatra Qatra Qulzum.
The translation was commissioned by Wasif sahib himself. I had earlier translated the preamble to his Kiran Kiran Sooraj, a collection of aphorisms published in English as The Beaming Soul. He liked my translation and obviously thought that I could be relied upon to produce a readable English version of his columns included in Qatr Qatra Qulzum. It is unfortunate that the translation could not appear in his life time but I have been told by some of his close disciples that he carefully went through some of my work and found it quite satisfactory. His approbation is my reward.
I am sure that this book would help him win many new admirers, both within Pakistan and abroad. His message of sanity, brotherhood, love and compassion should mean a great deal to all of us who live in a troubled age. If it brings a ray of hope to its readers the labour of the translator and th e publisher would not be in vain.
In the end I would like to add that the credit for the publication of this book would go to Riaz Ahmed, one of Wasif sahib’s most devoted disciples. Without his help some of the translations of these columns would have been lost. In an era marked with carelessness Riaz Ahmed’s solicitude in highly commendable. “ Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman” Lahore


ISBN: 9789696372141
Year: 2016
Edition: 1
Format: Hard Cover
Language: English
Pages: 266

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