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Intel Anti-Theft Service Activation Code Card - BXIATS1YRENG

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Intel AT will run on your laptop if it complies to these requirements

This app helps you find out if your laptop supports Intel AT



This app helps you find out if your laptop supports Intel AT

On proceeding with the download via the Anti-Theft Discovery App, you’re taken to McAfee’s website from where you can download the software (16MB in size). But before downloading, you need to have a McAfee account, which you can sign up for free. Immediately after installation, you’re prompted to set up the software. This involves specifying the anti-theft password (8-digit numeric) and your email address. There’s also a checkbox to enable tracking your device’s location if it’s lost or stolen. After configuration, you can access the software via an icon in the notification area of the task bar.

Details needed to lock down your device remotely


Details needed to lock down your device remotely

How it works

Intel Anti-Theft Service syncs the device status to your online account from time to time, or you can sync it manually. All the action lies in the Web Management Console accessible via the software or from the context menu that comes up when you right-click on the Intel AT service icon in the notification area. Being a webpage, it can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device with a web browser. The bottom of the page displays the location of the device courtesy Google Maps and location history—the location is traced using the IP address.


Location history via the web console



Location history via the web console

The big red button that says “Secure my device” comes to your rescue if your device is lost or stolen. There are two modes that you can choose from. The Steal mode will lock the important files and continue to track the device’s location. However, it won’t lock down the device. The Lockdown mode will immediately shut down and lock the device. Note that the thief will have to connect the laptop to the Internet for your command to work. It takes a few seconds for the command to get executed. The lockdown mode is equivalent to rendering your laptop bricked for the thief. When started after locking down, the laptop displays a lockdown message before POST, just a few seconds from when you press the power button. The correct anti-theft password (8-digit numeric) has to be entered to continue booting. Since the technology is tied to the hardware, bricking can’t be overridden even by changing the hard drive, reinstalling the operating system or flashing the BIOS.


Lockdown screen



Lockdown screen

The Settings page in the Web Management Console has an option to auto-lock the device if it’s disconnected from the Internet for a specified number of days (2 to 30). This can be disabled by enabling the Vacation mode. You can also enable the Repair shop mode, which keeps the device unlocked and secure when you leave it with someone.

Feature How it works Benefit
PC disable Local or remote "poison pill" renders the PC inoperable by blocking the boot process. • Minimizes the potential of a stolen laptop being used and sensitive data being accessed by an unauthorized person.
• PC disable can be triggered locally or remotely.
Data access disable Local or remote "poison pill" deletes essential cryptographic material from the hardware, thereby disabling access to encrypted data stored on the hard drive. • Protects encrypted data from access, even if the unauthorized user, such as a disgruntled employee, knows the pass codes or in situations when a password has been compromised.
• Allows encryption solutions to store and manage essential cryptographic material in hardware (which is more secure than software), instead of solely on the hard disk.
Recovery and Reactivation Display custom theft mode message and restore laptop to full functionality using pass-phrase or recovery token provided by IT. • Recover lost or stolen laptops by displaying contact or reward information.
• Simple, fast way to restore notebooks to full functionality without compromising local security features.


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