Onkyo A-5VL Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Onkyo A-5VL Integrated Stereo Amplifier


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Onkyo A-5VL Integrated Stereo Amplifier


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Sophisticated Audio Processing in a Space-Saving Design

Beneath the A-5VL’s slim and elegant exterior lies a surprising amount of amplification muscle. You might wonder how Onkyo managed to incorporate the functionality of a pre- and power amp into such a slender integrated package. The key is the A-5VL’s extremely energy-efficient design. Because it produces much less heat than a typical amplifier, the A-5VL requires only a small heat sink. This leaves ample space for a range of precision-crafted audiophile-grade parts, such as specially audio-tuned capacitors and thick, low-impedance copper bus plates. The A-5VL employs Onkyo’s exclusive VLSC™ technology to ensure a smooth, pulse noise-free signal during conversion from digital to analog. You’ll enjoy precise and faithful reproduction of any audio source, whether it’s a CD, a tuner, or a turntable. As the A-5VL is also compatible with Onkyo’s optional RI (remote interactive) Docks for the iPod, you also have the convenience of controlling playback of your iPod via the amplifier’s remote controller.

Key Features

  • High-Grade Build Quality
  • VLSC™ (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)
  • Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs
  • Separate Transformers for L/R Channels
  • 80 W/Ch at 4 Ω, 1 kHz, 2 Channels Driven, IEC

Technical Details

  • 80 W/Ch at 4 Ω, 1 kHz, 2 Channels Driven, IEC
  • VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)
  • Separate Transformers for L/R Channels
  • New Custom-Designed, Audio-Tuned Reference Capacitors
  • Burr-Brown (PCM1796) 192 kHz/24-Bit D/A Converters
  • Low-Impedance Copper Bus Plates for Perfect Ground Potential
  • Optimum Gain Volume Control Circuitry
  • Precision Motor-Driven Volume Control
  • Tone Control (Bass/Treble On/Off)
  • Balance Control (L/R)
  • Discrete Phono Equalizer Circuitry (MM/MC)
  • Direct Mode
  • 4 Audio Inputs and 1 Output
  • 2 Digital Inputs (Optical and Coaxial)
  • 19mm-Pitch Audio Terminals for High-Grade Cable
  • Phono Input (MM/MC)
  • Gold-Plated, Banana Plug-Compatible Transparent Speaker Posts
  • Speaker A/B Drive
  • Bi-Wiring Capability
  • Hi-Rigidity, Anti-Resonant Flat Chassis (1.6 mm Thick)
  • Heavy-Duty Inlet Power Cord
  • Aluminum Front Panel
  • Headphone Jack
  • Compatible with RI (Remote Interactive) Dock for the iPod*
  • RI-Compatible Remote Control

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