Sinbo STO-6510 Multi Functional Grater

Sinbo STO-6510 Multi Functional Grater


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Sinbo STO-6510 Multi Functional Grater

Sinbo cutting small pieces of food use food holder! May be caused by sharp knives Keep out of reach of children to avoid injury! Easily! (Innovative kitchen utensils) to comply with the terms of use foods: Garlic and Cheese grate chocolate chopping cucumber, onion, pumpkin, potato or carrot slice thickness of 6 mm and a waffle-type serrated slicer slicing Salad, Sandwich & Snacks perfect preparationFeatures: 

  •  Good for slicing, chopping, grating, and shredding
  •  Great kitchen tool for preparing beautiful garnishes, casseroles, and tasty salads.
  •  Allows you to cut and slice safely and easily by simply moving the grater back-and-forth
  •  High quality stainless steel blades
All components can be stored in the Main Unit and hang on a hook Food holder on both sides to lock the locks on the Main Unit. - To push food down to use the 
Food Guide Food Guide and hold it in place. - Press down with food Food Guide, Food safe and easy slicing of the holder by moving back and forth. - Food holder locks open for larger food slices, slice unlocked. - Elongated with others to change the function of chopping, chopping blade outward elongated and flat surface, turn it over. - Slim long-chopping blade back into the main unit upside down. - Straight blade, serrated knife, shredder and grater, finely chopping blade longer used them when face down on a flat surface. - The main unit can be placed properly on any vessel

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