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The Corridor By: W.M. KHAN

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Set in post-9/11 Afghanistan, The Corridor is Pakistan's first interactive horror novella that combines audio, visual and text-based content to narrate the story of an American defense contractor, Alan Baker, and a young Afghan girl, Maha Gul Afridi, who find themselves stranded in a remote, zombie-infested valley in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

Alan is a former US Army soldier who is dispatched to Afghanistan, with a team of private security contractors, to capture a notorious Taliban commander with a large bounty on his head. Maha Gul is an Afghan girl whose village is ravaged by a biological weapons experiment gone horribly wrong.

Narrated by a former UN officer with knowledge of the incident – based on Alan’s audio logs and Maha Gul’s eyewitness account – the story follows Alan and Maha Gul’s ordeal as they struggle to escape from the valley in the face of overwhelming odds.


On May 12, 2007 a powerful blast leveled a remote valley in north-eastern Afghanistan. The blast radius and intensity were the equivalent of a small nuclear device, destroying an area roughly the size of a small city. The incident barely registered on the international media circuit.

The Afghan government and ISAF issued a joint statement saying that a meteoroid fragment had disintegrated in the skies over an isolated valley in the Badakhshan province, setting off “minor fireworks”. There was “no loss of life or property” since the area was completely uninhabited the statement claimed. Officially, that was the end of the matter.

Of course, the Internet was rife with conspiracy theories and speculations, but none of them even came close to approaching the truth...

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Number of Pages:80 Pages
Bar Code:9789698729103
Publisher:Liberty Publishing

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