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The Teacher's Toolkit

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Designed as a teacher’s resource, The Teacher’s Toolkit is packed with practical classroom strategies that will enable you to:
*meet the needs of different learning styles
*add spice to your teaching
*stimulate your own creativity 
*challenge the gifted –– and the disruptive. 
Whatever your subject, it will allow you to:
*develop thinking skills 
*deliver citizenship
*embed study skills 
*create true independence.
*Drawing on insights from neuroscience, psychology and sociology The Teacher’s Toolkit provides:
*an overview of recent thinking about learning
*Fifty varied learning techniques for all sorts of subjects and situations
*practical ideas for managing group work, tackling behaviour and promoting personal responsibility
*six essential ways of operating in the classroom
*tools for checking your practice –– from lesson planning to performance management. 
“This is one of those rare and precious books which has that uncanny knack of revealing succinctly to you things about teaching which you knew instinctively all along but had never thought about so clearly. It’s a must for all those interested in learning more about the most important job in our society.”
Professor Tim Brighouse,
Commissioner for London Schools

“There should be a copy of The Teacher’s Toolkit in every curriculum area of the school. The problem will be finding it –– because it won’t be left on the shelf! It puts learning and teaching where it should be –– at the top of the school agenda. There are so many ways to use it. Any teacher wishing to increase her repertoire of teaching strategies will be spoiled for choice! Buy it, explore it and take some risks.”
Clive Carroll, Education Development Unit,
St Martin’s College

Author: Paul Ginnis
Although Paul lectures all over the world on strategies to improve teaching and learning, he is first and foremost a classroom practitioner. Previously a teacher, head of department, advisory teacher and staff development tutor, Paul has spent the last 18 years working in over 450 schools in the UK and abroad, helping teachers to translate modern thinking about learning into effective classroom practice.
Paul’s previous books include A Guide to Student-Centred Learning and The Student-Centred School, both with Dr Donna Brandes. 

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