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  1. Sony
  1. 1080p
  1. Wifi Built in
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  1. 1920 x 1080
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  1. LED TV's
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  1. 47 inches - 55 inches
  • Rs 116,499.00 Rs 143,999.00

3D TVs

Want to watch your favorite movie in 3D but don’t want to visit cinemas? Well, there is a solution to your every desire. 3D TVs are here to provide you the same 3D visual experience you get in theaters and cinemas. Just put on your glasses and enjoy all the content in 3D form. Sounds amazing, right? Moreover, these 3D TVs can convert into 2D whenever you don’t feel like watching 3D. Telemart is now offering a wide range of 3D TVs online in Pakistan from top brand Sony. Buy now and turn your home into cinema in an instance.

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