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Zionism: The Real Enemy Of The Jews Volume 1: The False Messiah 2009

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The underlying thesis is that because of the settlement facts pork-barrel American politics (and the impotence of the Arab regimes) have allowed to be created on the ground it’s now too late for any U.S. administration to call and hold the nuclear-armed Zionist state to account; and that only the Jews of the diaspora the majority of Jews in the world have the influence to do it – cause Israel to change its ways and make peace on terms which almost all Palestinians and Arabs everywhere can accept. But… I also say that it’s unreasonable and unrealistic to expect the Jews of the diaspora to play their necessary part in bringing the Zionist state to heel and averting a Clash of Civilisations unless and until they receive the maximum possible in the way of reassurance about their security in the mainly Gentile world of which they are citizens. And this is why I call in my Epilogue The Jews As the Light Unto Nations for a New Covenant not between the Jews and their God but between the Jews and the Gentiles. (The primordial point here is that deep down almost every diaspora Jew lives with the unspeakable fear of Holocaust II and thus the perceived need if only in the sub-consciousness for Israel as the refuge of last resort; which is why without the maximum possible in the way of reassurance they won’t even think of obliging Israel to be serious about peace). 
I do not blame the Zionist lobby for exercising its influence now in shocking and awesome alliance with America’s born-again Christian fundamentalists and the neo cons in association with oil interests and the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). The Zionist lobby I say has merely played the game ruthlessly to be sure according to The System’s rules. I blame most of all America’s pork-barrel politics. I say that American politicians including presidents always had a choice. They did not have to do the Zionist lobby’s bidding when doing so was putting America’s own longer term and best interests at great risk. They chose to do the lobby’s bidding to serve their own short-term (personal and party) interests. And I say in passing that with American politicians as friends the Jews do not need enemies.


ISBN: 9789694947631
Year: 2009
Edition: 1
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 338
Volume: 1

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